The Makers Home Edits

Discover the stylish homewares that inspiring creatives have carefully selected to adorn their homes.

Loui Burke

Discover content creator Loui Burke's edit – a zen collection of homewares that outfit his wabi-sabi apartment in Melbourne.

Shop Loui's Home Edit

Emily Ko

Discover jewellery designer Emily Ko's edit – a collection of elegant homewares that elevate her minimal home in Sydney.

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Lana Wilkinson

Discover fashion stylist Lana Wilkinson's edit – a covetable collection of elegant homewares that dress her contemporary home in Melbourne.

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Roxy Jacenko Edit

Discover entrepreneur Roxy Jacenko's edit – a collection of chic decor items that elevate her luxurious home in Sydney's Vaucluse.

Shop Roxy's Home Edit

Kelsey Coppetti

Discover interior designer Kelsey Coppetti's edit – an earthy collection of homewares that outfit her wabi-sabi retreat in Joshua Tree.

Shop Kelsey's Home Edit

Lia Townsend

Discover grazing table stylist Lia Townsend's edit – a classic selection of neutral homewares that dress her monochrome apartment in Sydney.

Shop Lia's Home Edit

Ashleigh Holmes

Discover artist Ashleigh Holmes' edit – a collection of simple yet stylish pieces that decorate her wabi-sabi apartment on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Shop Ashley's Home Edit

Plant Kween

Discover plant expert Christopher Griffin's edit – an earthy collection of fabulous homewares that outfit their Brooklyn oasis.

Shop Christopher's Home Edit

Gina Lasker

Discover florist Gina Lasker's edit – a charming collection of earthy-toned homewares that outfit her home meets studio.

Shop Gina's Home Edit

Sarah Shinners

Discover interior designer Sarah Shinners' edit – a bold selection of homewares that outfits her maximalist home in Melbourne's Clifton Hills.

Shop Sarah's Home Edit

Brigitte Grant

Discover artist Brigitte Grant's edit – a vibrant selection of homewares that enlivens her charming abode on the Sunshine Coast.

Shop Brigitte's Home Edit

Anthony D'Argenzio

Discover Anthony D'Argenzio's edit – a rustic yet chic collection of homewares that dress his French-inspired vacation rental.

Shop Anthony's Home Edit

Allie Cameron

Discover Allie Cameron's edit – a relaxed yet stylish collection of homewares that outfit her mid-century home in Torquay.

Shop Allie's Home Edit

Ali Whittle

Discover Ali Whittle's home edit - a colourful collection of homewares that outfit her terrace in Sydney's east.

Shop Ali's Home Edit

Nam Vo

Discover makeup artist Nam Vo's edit – a collection of eye-catching yet neutral-toned pieces that decorate her light-filled home in New York City.

Shop Nam's Home Edit

Zara Seilder

Discover Zara Seidler's home edit - a colourful collection of chic homewares that outfit her playful apartment.

Shop Zara's Home Edit

Charlotte Swiden

Discover artist Charlotte Swiden's home edit - an earthy collection of homewares that sit within her '70s-style home in the Mornington Peninsula.

Shop Charlotte's Home Edit

Sara Combs

Discover Sara Combs' home edit - a relaxed collection of homewares that sit within her desert retreat in Joshua Tree.

Shop Sara's Home Edit

Bree Johnson

Discover entrepreneur Bree Johnson's edit – a chic collection of soothing homewares that outfit her inner-city oasis.

Shop Bree's Home Edit

Julia Sherman

Discover cookbook author Julia Sherman's edit - a kaleidoscopic collection of stylish homewares that outfit her mid-century abode.

Shop Julia's Home Edit

Pandora Sykes

Discover journalist Pandora Sykes' edit – a colourful collection of eye-catching homewares inspired by the style of her London terrace.

Shop Pandora's Home Edit

Caroline Walls

Discover artist Caroline Walls' edit – a minimalist collection of neutral-toned homewares that outfit her Melbourne home.

Shop Caroline's Home Edit

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