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It’s all about the tunes when WFH in Argentina.

| By Rachael Thompson | Wellness

Latin Music and Overnight Oats: How Bed Threads’ UX Designer Tackles Her Work Day

It’s all about the tunes when WFH in Argentina.

As an e-commerce company, the Bed Threads website is vital to our brand. We strive to create an online platform that’s engaging and easy to use so that our audience gets exactly what they need! And one of the key people responsible for making our website user-friendly and aesthetic is Belen.

Based in Argentina, Belen is Bed Threads’ vibrant UX designer. In this role, she is tasked with creating meaningful and engaging experiences for our users when they interact with the Bed Threads website. Her job means she needs to have an understanding of user behaviours, needs, and preferences, as well as strong analytical and collaborative skills. UX design is a rapidly evolving field, and staying up to date with the latest trends, technologies, and methodologies is key.

Belen works from home so we’re sharing how she stays organised and motivated throughout her workday outside of the office.

Hi Belen! Welcome to the Bed Threads Team Morning Routine Series! Can you tell us a little bit about what you do at Bed Threads?

Hey there! Absolutely! I'm the Digital Product Designer, also known as the UI, or UX Designer. My role revolves around enhancing the website's layout to meet user needs and business requirements. I strive to strike a balance that makes the site user-friendly and commercially viable.

What time do you typically wake up? Can you walk us through your morning routine?

I typically wake up at 7 am, stretch my body, make the bed (I’ve heard it helps to start the day by feeling productive), skim through my work notifications and play Norah Jones or John Mayer in the background. I then open the windows to let in some fresh air, shower, and prepare a good cup of coffee with roasted beans.

What are some essentials that you can’t start your day without?

Besides coffee, I must start my day with a calm rhythm and tone. I'm what you might call a “slower waker” (okay, I made that up). While my partner tends to wake up with a lot of energy, I usually take around 10 minutes to fully comprehend what's going on around me, haha. That’s why I prefer to work out in the evening when my energy is up.

What do you typically eat for breakfast to kickstart your day?

I can't begin my day without my favourite overnight oats topped with chia seeds and fruit. It has been my go-to breakfast for the past three years, and we absolutely love it. Preparing the oats with milk and letting them sit in the fridge has become a nightly ritual.

We opt for avocado and salmon on toast on weekends, more like a homemade brunch style. Since we both enjoy cooking, we tend to prepare most of our meals at home.

Is there anything aside from coffee that helps when you feel too tired to function?

Absolutely! I have a couple of options. One is to put on some energetic Latin music like trap or reggaeton using my headphones (being Argentinean, it instantly makes me want to dance and boosts my energy). Commercial electronic music also helps me a lot.

How do you prioritise your tasks and organise your morning to ensure a productive start?

I'm a big fan of making lists in my notebook with an actual pen. So, I begin my day by checking Slack messages, emails, Figma comments, and all the tasks and comments on Jira. Once I have a general idea of all the tasks I need to work on, I create a list to see them together and prioritise the most important and time-sensitive ones. I then dedicate my time to tackle the shorter and most relevant tasks, crossing each completed task off my list. It makes me feel productive and dynamic.

Do you have any specific strategies to help you stay focused and motivated throughout the workday?

Certainly! I apply various strategies to avoid distractions. Firstly, I keep my phone far away from my desk or out of sight, using a “Work mode” where only specific calls and messages can come through. Then I annotate all my daily tasks on my booklet to be aware of my productivity by crossing things out of a list. I also tend to use posts-its, or if I’m stuck with a task or lose motivation, I try to jump into a more interesting and easier task. If I feel like I need energy, I take a 10-minute walk under the sun if possible.

Which Bed Threads colourways do you currently have on your bed?

Turmeric & Terracotta Bedding Bundle, my apartment is mainly white, so these colours add a bit of brightness, and I love it!

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