You don't need to be a stylist to give your home a chic update.

| By Rachael Thompson | Interiors

How 5 Bed Threads Team Members Gave Their Homes a Makeover

You don't need to be a stylist to give your home a chic update.

When it comes to giving our home's a makeover, many of us turn to magazines and social media to find inspiration from the perfectly dressed abodes that have been styled by interior designers. And while both are strong and important places to gather ideas, it can be tricky and somewhat deflating at times when you can't quite replicate the same look in your own home that a professional does.

"Make yourself at home" is a phrase we believe is synonymous with the Bed Threads brand and what we offer. We want our community to feel as though they have the ability to create a beautiful space for themselves that reflects their style. For this reason, we have turned to five of the Bed Threads team members to showcase how they have personally updated one or more of their rooms with our beautiful linen and homewares.

We like to think that these before and after shots prove that you don't need to be a professional to give your home a stylish makeover!

Ashleigh Hogan, Customer Service Manager

Room: Bedroom

My bedroom gets so much natural sunlight throughout the day, and for this reason, it makes it one of my favourite rooms in my apartment! At the moment I predominantly have neutral tones and I've been dreaming of adding some colour to give it even more brightness. This is why I wanted to add one of the brightest combinations, Limoncello and Lilac, to give my space even more life. As for the gorgeous Madelen Möllard 'Purple Poppies' print, this was to complement the colourful bedding and the creamy walls.

Room: Dining room

At the moment my dining room is also my home office, so this is a space I really want to make a dining room again. I currently have a very old tablecloth and a bunch of clutter, so I want to take back this space. I've chosen a beautiful Lavender and Petrol combo to add life back to this room! I've selected a Lavender Tablecloth, Petrol Placemats, and Lavender Napkins.

I also have three spaces for prints above my table which currently have older Bed Threads prints, but I feel like it's time for more colour and a refresh. For this reason, I chose the By Garmi 'Dream Within A Dream Orange' Print, Madelen Möllard 'Pink Coral' Print, and Madelen Möllard 'Purple Poppies' Print. With the new tableware and prints, this space is ready to set to create a beautiful environment for a romantic dinner for two.

Room: Living room

My living room is also another space in my home that I love, as it has my green couch and my record collection. It currently has some basic old pillows and I just knew when the Pink Clay Cushion Covers came out they would look divine in contrast to my lounge. These then matched with the amazing Assouline Ibiza Book and the The Ocean Breeze Candle to create the ultimate relaxing comfortable space to relax and listen to a good record!

Melissa King, Marketing Lead

Room: Bedroom

I often default to neutrals so I set out to bring a bit more colour and life into my apartment. I went with the Terracotta & Limoncello Bedding Bundle for my bedroom, which is the most perfect combination of warm tones. It honestly lifts the room! Plus, I added a stunning print by Madelen Möllard and Memor Studio vase to really make it pop.

Room: Bathroom

In the bathroom, my green basin already makes quite a statement but, as the space is quite small (less than one metre wide!), it can feel a little functional and cluttered if I'm not careful. Adding a nice candle and beautiful hand towels in a complementary Sage hue is such an easy way to make it feel more luxurious and spacious.

Room: Dining room

And I couldn't forget my dining room – I tend to keep the table clear most of the time so laying out new Scalloped Pink Clay & Turmeric placemats and napkins truly make an impact. I also love the combination of the Bitossi Home serving platter with my dining set (originally my grandmother's) and antique brass candlesticks – it makes my existing pieces feel fresh and contemporary.

Lucy O'Donoughue, Social Media Manager

Room: Living Room

My partner and I have recently moved into an apartment in Sydney's Inner West and to be entirely honest, almost every room is in need of a makeover! However, as indoor entertaining is a must during winter, I’ve decided to makeover my dining space. I love how the natural light pours into this corner of the apartment throughout the day.

So, when we first began designing this space, we opted for natural furniture, like our amazing Parker table and Chiswell chairs that we found on Facebook marketplace (score!). When making over this space, I wanted to continue with beautiful warm and natural tones, so I opted for an Oatmeal Tablecloth, Olive Placemats, and Turmeric Napkins. I have also been dying to get my hands on a copy of Fresh India by Meera Sodha, so my next dinner party will be inspired by this gorgeous book. Oh, and served atop Bed Threads’ Ceramic Dinner Plates, of course!

Rachael Thompson, Editor

Room: Living room

The larger furniture pieces in my living room are either straight from the ‘50s or mid-century inspired and I wanted to add a subtle bit of colour to the look. Green has always been my favourite colour, so I unsurprisingly added accessories in Olive and Sage. I find that these hues are really calming and add colour without it being overbearing. They also tie in nicely with the fiddle leaf tree and rubber plant. On the coffee table I’ve added Assouline’s Tuscany Marvel book for me to admire (while I’m unfortunately not in Europe!), a pair of the Love Ally x Bed Threads Wave Candles (for a sculptural moment), and a Peace & Quiet Candle (to help make this room feel more zen). I’ve also added Olive cushion covers and an Olive Throw to my seating.

Room: Bathroom

The bathroom is predominantly white so I wanted to add a subtle pop of colour to make it look a bit less sterile. I opted for Lavender Bath Towels and Lavender Hand Towels as this shade adds a pretty muted tone to the space that isn’t jarring. I’ve also popped another Peace & Quiet candle on the bath to give the space a spa-like touch.

Ellen Badake Dickson, Designer

Room: Bedroom

We’ve just moved into the suburbs and are looking to bring some calm into the room to match our leafy outlook. The Olive and Sage bedding is perfect to bring the outdoors in and still keep the room looking cosy. I also added the Em McLeod x Bed Threads 'Ahava' Print for the perfect pairing and soothing vibes.

We also now have the perfect window sill to display some of my favourite accessories, including the Love Ally x Bed Threads Wave Candles and our Spiced Pear & Oak Candle to make sure the room is a calming oasis. I’ve also had my eye on the Rachel Saunders Woman Vase in Crème forever. It’s such a beautiful vessel and I’m so excited to display it in my calming bedroom makeover.

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