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The must-have items these creatives keep by their beds.

| By Cait Emma Burke | Journal

What 6 Australian Creatives Keep On Their Bedside Tables

The must-have items these creatives keep by their beds.

When it comes to how other people live, I’ve always been a nosy person. From ‘top shelf’ articles exploring people’s beauty cabinets to ‘what’s in my bag’ videos, I eat it all up. But more than anything, I love getting a glimpse inside the homes of creative people. What items do they cherish and why? What are they drawn to aesthetically interiors-wise, and does it reflect or align with their creative output?

In particular, I’m intrigued by what they choose to keep on their bedside tables. It says a lot about what they value and how they like to live. Always eager to snoop, I asked six Australian creatives I admire – writers, producers, photographers, and more – to show me what they keep on their bedside tables.

Jess Brohier, photographer and Creative Director of Alt-House

I like to keep my bedside table quite simple. It has a slab of travertine marble that I sourced from a wholesaler when looking for shoot props last year, and on top of it are my little sense of self items: sage, palo santo, and four crystals I've collected over the years, some gifted by good friends. There is also a beautiful Santal candle from Kennedy Smith that I bought at this year’s Melbourne Design Week, a jade gua sha gifted to me from Zove Beauty after a shoot, and a really cool wooden coaster that depicts the tarot card The High Priestess, an omen of spiritual enlightenment and the guardian of intuition. I bought it last year on my final day in Los Angeles.

I am also in the habit of dipping into The Creative Act by Rick Rubin when feeling stuck creatively so that lives on my bedside table. Oh, and also a cute lamp from Facebook Marketplace that I took from Alt-House when we moved out last year.

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Deana Stepanian, freelance writer

I usually start (or end) my day with a little writing and reading, so I have my journal and whichever book I’m finishing, which is currently On Women by Susan Sontag, on my bedside table. Atop those is my gua sha, for easy access and to remind myself to use it.

I also keep a metal tray that I thrifted there, full of some jewellery pieces that I reach for a lot. Underneath, I store fashion magazines and some of my favourite books that I like to revisit and flick through from time to time. The glasses and cup of water are self-explanatory!

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Maggie Zhou, freelance writer and content creator

My bedside table could be mistaken for a Miffy shrine and I'm not mad about it. There's this Miffy wall tufting from New Zealand, a Miffy mini humidifier, and a Miffy tin that holds my receipts (oh, tax joys).

You'll always find a stack of books I'm currently working my way through, as well as a hand cream (often it's one of Aesop's or Kit's), a Laneige lip treatment balm, and a cup of tea. I keep it pretty simple because at night I'll almost always bring in a snack plate, stacked haphazardly on top of the books.

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Caroline Rigby, hairdresser

My favourite item is weirdly this Ikea lamp which changes hue/brightness and can take you from warm cosy reading yellow to Charli XCX 'brat' green in two and a half seconds. Then I need my Italian glass-blown silly little trinket holder for my jewellery as I refuse to sleep with a ring or necklace on.

I usually have my Fluff refillable lip balm but I left it at my friend’s so I’m getting by with Vasoline at the moment. I always have my book of the month – right now it’s Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle which I have on loan from Rainbow’s Library. And finally, a snap of the beach at my dad’s in Tassie for a little reprieve from my carport view.

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Ella Taverner, freelance writer and producer

My bedside table is often a reflection of where I'm at or what I'm doing that week. Right now, I have an assortment of books in my 'to read' and 'currently reading' pile, alongside some olfactory favourites in the form of Byredo and Tsu Lange Yor candles.

I picked up the little glass-blown incense blob in Copenhagen last year which I love to light when I'm reading in bed, and recently dried these flowers out and placed them in a vintage milk server that my grandma kindly gave me. The bedside table itself is actually a vintage step ladder that I had in my childhood bedroom, and I have no intention of returning it to my parents.

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Georgia Rudd, dancer

I like to keep it pretty simple on my bedside table, the less clutter around me helps me feel clearer in my mind. The items change around a bit but I’ve always got a lamp and a book. Currently, it’s The Creative Act by Rick Rubin. I also keep a candle for evening ambience, my journal to write down any lingering thoughts before I sleep, lip balm, and a scrunchie.

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