10 Delicious Recipes for a Romantic Date Night at Home

Let's be real, gone are the days of Valentine's Day being just about celebrating having a romantic partner in your life. It's more wonderful to view this day as a celebration of love in all its forms, and we like to approach February 14th as a great excuse to spoil anyone you love, including yourself. And while a thoughtful gift will always go down a treat, another way to show your love for those you care about most is through a wonderful home cooked meal. 

Whether you're planning a romantic night for two, meeting up with a group of girlfriends, or spending the night alone, these delicious recipes are sure to enhance your night and make everyone involved feel extra special. And if you'd like to elevate things even further, a dreamy table setting is sure to leave a lasting impression - You can find some inspiration here.

10 Date Night Recipes for a Romantic Night at Home


1. The ultimate cheese board

It's hard to go wrong with a tasty cheese board. They are a definite crowdpleaser and a great way to start or end a meal. They are easy to prepare and can be done so in advance, and there's no cooking involved! However, there are some tricks involved with creating beautiful and delicious cheeseboard and Lia Townsend has them down pat. 

2. Pan Con Tomate

This delightfully easy yet tasty Spanish tapas classic celebrates the humble tomato in all its glory. The name simply translates to 'bread with tomato', and it makes for a lovely starter to whet your appetite for heavier dishes.

3. Vietnamese Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Freshly made and vegetarian-friendly, these hot and crispy rolls will be a foolproof starter for any date night dinner. They are filled with a carrot, cabbage, mushroom, and spring onion filling wrapped in crunchy spring roll paper.


4. Risotto Verde With Peas, Spinach, and Parsley

This delightful risotto verde embraces the creaminess we love from this Northern Italian staple and is and that is further elevated with fresh greenery. It's a rich and heartwarming dish that feels perfectly fit for a cosy night in.

5. Pumpkin Gnocchi With Butter and Sage

Not only is this recipe absolutely scrumptious, but the actual process of making the gnocchi dough is a wholesome and cute activity to do with a loved one. Topped with crunchy pine nuts and sage leaves, this vibrant dish will absolutely go down a treat. 


6. Spicy Peanut Noodles

If you're looking to add that extra spice and add a bit of heat to your evening, look no further than these spicy peanut noodle. This dish is unbelievably easy to make but will absolutely make a mark on your evening. This gem of a recipe is quick to make and delightfully full of flavour, requiring mostly pantry staples and a few other ingredients.

7. Cavatelli With Green Sauce, Pangrattato and Burrata

This recipe tastes just as good as it looks. Leeks are softened in melted butter, combined with vibrant vegetables and a splash of white wine to create a luxurious, silky sauce. There's little to be desired after a serving of this comfort dish.


8. A Simple Yet Seriously Impressive Strawberry Shortcake

If this doesn't scream Valentine's Day we don't know what does. This triple layered treat is delightfully crumbly and topped with freshly whipped vanilla bean cream and juicy marinated strawberries. It's just as beautiful as it is tasty – especially when paired with colourful linen tableware.

9. Plum Crostata With Orange and Thyme

Here is another dessert that look entirely fitting for a romantic evening in. Not a galette nor pie, the crostata is a rustic free-form tart, which is known for its beautiful crisp and buttery pastry, and in this recipe, it's filled with sweet plums. It's unrefined and simple, yet incredibly warm and inviting.


10. Tiramisu With Amaretto and Toasted Hazelnuts

There's something decidedly romantic about tiramisu. Luxuriously rich cream layers, hints of espresso, bursts of rum and Amaretto, delicately soaked ladyfingers, crunchy hazelnuts and a light dusting of chocolate — what's not to love? 

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