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Along with earth tones and foliage, these trends are perfect for the cooler months ahead.

| By Kit Kilroy | Journal

12 Interior Design Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Autumn

Along with earth tones and foliage, these trends are perfect for the cooler months ahead.

Autumn is officially here! And just as the seasons change, so do interior design trends.

While the first thing that comes to mind might be pulling out the cosy couch throws and pumpkin-scented candles, autumnal décor doesn’t have to be all about earth tones and foliage. In fact, staying up-to-date with the current décor trends can help your home feel modern and carry you into winter and beyond.

These design trends range from minimal-effort changes to total aesthetic overhauls so that you can pick and choose what works for your space. Each of these trends can be implemented on any scale so that you can make them work for your home – no matter how big or small.

Happy decorating!

1. Woven Textures

Woven textures aren’t going anywhere in autumn 2022, and the beauty of this trend is that there are endless ways to incorporate it. Rattan chairs, jute rugs, and even artistic tapestries (see below) work when it comes to adding woven elements to your decor.

2. Textiles as Decor

The woven trend isn’t just seen in furniture, and one of the best ways to bring it into your home is through textiles. Looking for a new way to feature fabric? Try hanging it on the wall. Incorporating textiles into your decor is an easy way to make a home feel elevated without much effort.

3. Green Accents

One of the major themes of 2022 is that green is here to stay. Whether you pick a jewel tone or pastel green, adding a splash of green will instantly make your home feel trendy in the best way. We particularly love green in the living room, where green furniture pairs perfectly with houseplants.

4. Mod Details

Give a nod to the mod by adding a few easily-attainable mod pieces. Round light fixtures, circular tables, and cushy seating are all good options when it comes to making your home feel a little more mod. This squiggly rug also works wonders in creating a retro feel in this gorgeous NYC apartment.

5. Refined Minimalism

Don’t love the mod look? Fear not, minimalism is still in. To best achieve a minimalist look that feels current, try adding a few more refined pieces to the mix. Gilt mirrors, designer furniture pieces, and sleek monochrome art are great additions to any minimalist decor scheme.

7. Checkerboard

One major design trend of 2022 that’s still holding strong this fall is checkerboard everything. If you’re ready to go all-out, you incorporate the look through tiling or flooring. For those who rent or aren’t quite ready for a renovation, the checkerboard pattern can easily find its way into your home through rugs and artwork.

8. Curved Lines

Curved lines are in, and we have a feeling this trend will hang around for a while. Soft lines make a space feel welcoming and airy in all the right ways, creating a peaceful vibe in any home or apartment. Furniture, lighting, mirrors and artwork all provide ample opportunities to choose curved lines over straight ones.

9. Plants Everywhere

Plant lovers, rejoice. In fall 2022, the more plants, the merrier. For the best results – and healthiest plants – keep light-loving plants along windows and spread low-light varieties throughout the house. String of Hearts, Peace Lilies, and Monsteras all make wonderful options.

11. Lots of Colour

If the organic look isn’t really your vibe – no problem. Luckily for you, colour is also having a moment. If you’re going the colourful route, go all in. This season, it’s all about mixing hues for a look that is plenty of fun.

12. Cottagecore

Love cottagecore? We’ve got some good news: It’s not going anywhere. This homey, cozy decor style is still in for fall 2022. Something about the aesthetic is the perfect pair for fall – just looking at this kitchen we can almost smell the fresh cinnamon rolls and apple cider.

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