8 Landlord-Approved Ways to Update Your Rental Bedroom

Living in a rental shouldn't prohibit you from making someone else's apartment - or house - feel like your home. After all, that's what it is - your home! But of course, there are limitations to the changes you can make in a rental property, however long-term you plan on staying.

Your bedroom is one of the most important spaces in any home, especially so if you live in a share house (in which case your bedroom is really the one space you spend the most time in and have the most control over). Luckily, there are plenty of ways to update your bedroom without upsetting your landlord or having to do major repairs at the end of your lease.

From wall art and handmade ceramics, to unique lamps and indoor plants, consider the following landlord-approved updates to give your bedroom the makeover of its dreams.

8 Landlord-Approved Ways to Update Your Rental Bedroom

1. Mood lighting

Lamps go twice as far in updating your bedroom décor: they serve as sculptural art 24/7 and set the mood once the sun goes down.

Always opt for gentle, warm-toned bulbs and don't be afraid to mix and match styles and periods - a glossy, colourful, '70s-era Murano glass mushroom lamp on one side of the bed and a handmade ceramic lamp on the other? Perfection. 

2. More plants

However many plants you have now, add one more.

Whether you choose a miniature succulent or a grand monstera, marking the debut of your new and improved bedroom with a new plant is a lovely way to signal new beginnings.

If you've got an available wall free of furniture, consider making it a plant wall. Filling an entire wall with potted floor plants and some hanging on the wall or sitting on temporary shelving can make your bedroom feel bigger and a bit al fresco.

3. Smart storage

Flatpack units are a great option for inexpensive customisable shelving that can travel with you to your next home, or be re-homed online. Likewise, if you're short on space and in the market for a new bed frame, consider one with built-in storage. As soon as your bulkier winter items and/or extra bedding is snuggly stored in your new storage bed, your bedroom will feel fresh with possibilities.  

4. Add artwork

Make use of adhesive command strips and hang some new wall art. Choose one special piece and make it a focal point above your bed or beside your vanity, or choose multiple special pieces and create your own gallery wall.

Bulk out your collection of artist prints by sourcing inexpensive vintage paintings online or in secondhand stores, and remember to arrange your gallery wall with asymmetry in mind.

If you're working with a decent amount of bench space, you can also infuse your bedroom décor with tonnes of personality by adding ceramics and other sculptural objects

5. Mirrors

It's true, mirrors can make any space feel bigger. As you're updating your bedroom, consider bringing in one, or more, mirrors to make the most of those updates - more mirrors means more visibility for everything. 

As always, don't be afraid to mix and match here: an oversized floor mirror with an ornate antique frame will balance beautifully with a minimalist bevelled-edge wall mirror. Hunt for a mirrored plinth or dresser to really make mirrors your bedroom's new official aesthetic. 

6. New bedding

New bed linen is one décor update that will pay for itself in the long run.

If you've already got beige or white linen, now is the time to choose a more vibrant combination. You might not consider yourself a maximalist when it comes to bright colours, but welcoming some brighter hues into your bedroom sanctuary could be the mood-booster you never knew you needed.

Use our Build-Your-Own-Bundle virtual tool to create your ultimate combo and rest assured that the investment will keep you in good sleep well into your next rental.

7. An accent rug

A beautiful accent rug will transform your bedroom instantly. This goes for all floor types - whether you have hardwood floors or carpet, whether you are happy with it or not, you'll be amazed at how much a cheery rug can add personality and texture to your bedroom.

If you're starting sans carpet, consider adding a plain jute and layering a classic red Moroccan on top. To finish, invest in a multi-purpose sheepskin, which you can place beside your bed to warm your feet on cold mornings and place on your desk chair for extra comfort. 

When choosing your rug(s), consider how attentive you are with cleaning and choose the colour, material and pile accordingly. 

8. Curtains

If you've got windows, celebrate them and whatever sunlight they let in. If your rental came with a set of heavy fabric curtains that prevent natural light from streaming into the bedroom, see if you can replace them with something lighter.

Ask your landlord if the owner would consider upgrading the curtains or covering the cost of you upgrading them. Or they might be happy for you to carefully remove and store the existing curtains and bring in new ones at your own cost. Look after your new curtains well and you'll be able to find a home for them in your next rental.

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