The beauty expert shares the easy beauty practises that keep her fresh for the festive season.

| By Rachael Thompson | Wellness

3 Beauty Rituals Leigh Campbell Swears by Every Holiday Season

The beauty expert shares the easy beauty practises that keep her fresh for the festive season.

After a year of working hard, there's plenty to celebrate over the holiday season. From work parties to family dinners, there are more events than usual during this time and it can end up being quite an exhausting part of the year. Healthy diets go out the window and so can the usual daily routines that help keep us grounded.

Having a couple of beauty rituals to turn to can help keep you looking and feeling fresh and spending time with yourself over the holiday season is a great idea. We turned to beauty expert and journalist Leigh Campbell to share the three easy beauty rituals she swears by every holiday season.

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1. A bath every evening

Few things are as rejuvenating as a nice warm bath at the end of a long day. They have relaxing and muscle-soothing benefits, and for Leigh, they are a healing ritual.

"I try to have a bath every night if I can. I feel like it soaks away the day and is a mental barrier between my work day and home life. I’m not in there for long, but a quick hot bath (complete with sweat moustache) with a beautiful body oil or magnesium salts preps me for a better sleep."

2. Commit to an LED mask

A major sign of healthy skin is a glowing complexion, but the holiday season can be a stressful and busy time – both of which can rob you of your radiance! LED masks are easy to use and offer the chance to utilise the benefits of light therapy at home – a procedure traditionally only available at a dermatologist’s office.

"I have a great quality LED face mask, but life is busy so in reality, I only remember to use it once a week. During the holiday season, I really try to commit to upping it to 4-5 a week. It strengthens the skin barrier and keeps my skin glowy and resilient when I'm wearing more makeup and sunscreen for all the season's festivities. I pop it on when laying in bed and try to do 10 minutes of mindfulness (but truthfully, end up scrolling my phone)."

3. Have fun with makeup

It's all about having fun over the holiday season, and spicing up your usual makeup look is a fabulous way to get into the festive mood. Leigh likes to ditch her day-to-day looks with something that embraces the party vibes.

"The holiday season is the time I try and mix up my stock-standard winged liner beauty look. I love that our festive season happens during summer, so sometimes I go for a bright bold lipstick, or I'll use a navy or aqua shadow as a flick of colour on my lash line."

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