These sleep sanctuaries are both soothing and energising.

| By Rachael Thompson | Linen

9 Sunny Bedrooms Featuring Our Limoncello Linen Sheets

These sleep sanctuaries are both soothing and energising.

There's no denying that different colours evoke particular feelings. A pale blue elicits a feeling of calm while a vibrant orange can be energising. A hue that uniquely does both of these is our Limoncello colourway.

This perfectly pale yellow is inspired by sun-dappled holidays and the lemon-laden Amalfi coastline. Whether you like keeping your room strictly neutral-toned, you want to brighten it, or you're looking for a peaceful tone to encourage a sound sleep, Limoncello is the playful yet sophisticated tone to turn to.

Below, take design cues from these nine chic bedrooms that are laden with our beautiful lemon tone that will whisk you away to the Mediterranean.

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