House envy, incoming.

| By Olivia Lidbury | Interiors

10 Real London Homes to Add to Your Instagram Saved Folder

House envy, incoming.

Don’t be fooled by what you see in the rom-coms; enormous houses lined with wisteria are something of a unicorn in the British capital (for ‘normal’ people, anyway). The reality is streets upon streets of often narrow, brick-built Victorian-era properties tightly packed together. But whatever Londoners lack in space and variety, they make up for with creativity.

Thanks to Instagram, we’ve enjoyed an immersive window into the way many owners (and renters) are putting their stamp on their surroundings. From thrifted treasures to clever ways with a paintbrush, there are plenty of ideas to steal from these tastemakers. Here, we open the door to some of our favourite accounts, whose thoughtful touches are bound to inspire you.

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