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Useful tricks to use on those days where you just can’t seem to zone in.

| By Antonia Day | Journal

Struggling to Stay on Task? These 6 Concentration Hacks Will Put You Back on Track

Useful tricks to use on those days where you just can’t seem to zone in.

Concentrating is a lot easier said than done. You can allocate yourself the time to do something, and supply yourself with all the right tools to get it done, but when the times come to complete said task, it can feel nearly impossible to find the drive to do it.

Unfortunately, this instance is a common occurrence for many people, but the good news is there are a number of hacks you can use to challenge your inability to focus.

Below we look at six tried and tested concentration hacks, so you can stop getting distracted and focus on the task at hand.

1. Go out in nature/take a break

It’s amazing what a short break can do for your concentration. Taking the time out of your day to prioritise light movement and changing up your environment is one of the most effective ways to realign your focus.

Next time you’re distracted while working, or find yourself struggling to stay on task, head outside and go for a walk around the block. Feel your energy and focus build back up as you return to your place of work

2. Exercise

Moving your body in more rigorous ways has also been shown to have a myriad of benefits when it comes to getting your mind to focus. According to the University College London on 'The Study-Boosting Benefits of Exercise', "When you do any type of intense physical activity, it causes blood to flow to the brain. This in turn fires up your neurones and promotes cell growth, particularly in the hippocampus," meaning just 10-20 of heart-rate increased activity will "improve your concentration and help you focus your learning."

3. Chew gum

For those times when you’re unable to remove yourself from the task at hand, try putting your energy into a mindless task such as chewing gum. The oral stimulation allows your body to self-regulate and channel unwanted energy into the action, allowing you to focus on what you need to get done.

4. Eliminate distractions

If getting work done is hard enough as it is, don’t make it any more difficult by allowing yourself to be distracted by external sources. If you are able to, remove your phone from your workspace and try to keep noise to a minimum in the space you’re trying to focus in. This could mean closing the windows, turning off music, and pausing any notifications that come through on smart devices.

5. Prioritise rest

Focusing is nearly impossible if you haven’t had adequate rest the night before. If you find yourself continually yawning with your eyes veering away from the task at hand, it might mean you need to put your tools down and catch up on some R&R. If you’re unable to take a nap, try to remove yourself from your workspace and sit down in a quiet space if your eyes are closed for at least 10 minutes.

6. Clean environment

A clean environment equals a clear mind, so taking the time to ensure your space is clutter-free will allow you to keep your head down and not be distracted by any potential mess around you. If you don’t have time to clean your workspace up, try to put the clutter in one area so you can easily put it away later on.

If you are concerned about your concentration levels, please speak to your GP, who will advise on the correct treatment plan.

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