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Hot sleeper? Blanket hog? Here are the essentials you need in your bedding arsenal.

| By Rachael Thompson | Journal

Exactly What Every Type of Sleeper Needs in Their Bedding Capsule Wardrobe

Hot sleeper? Blanket hog? Here are the essentials you need in your bedding arsenal.

When it comes to using our Build Your Own Bundle feature, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of bedding choices you can make. Do you really need a flat sheet? Should you include a quilt?

One of the best ways to help you decide what's right for you, is to think about what type of sleeper you are e.g. Are you a hot or cold sleeper? Do you prefer heavy or light weight layers?

Below, we guide you through the essentials you need in your bedding capsule wardrobe, depending on what type of sleeper you are.

Hot Sleeper

What you need: Quilted Bed Cover and/or Flat Sheet

Hot sleepers typically find it challenging to maintain a comfortable sleep environment. The good news is that linen really is perfect for those who get a bit sweaty in bed. With plenty of airflow and moisture wicking capabilites, you won’t find yourself as stifled as you might be from synthetic or heavier sheets.

If you find a duvet is too hot for you, a Quilted Bed Cover and/or a Flat Sheet are great as they will act as a lighter alternative, particularly in summer.

Cold Sleeper

What you need: Duvet, Flat Sheet, and Quilted Bed Cover

If you're on the opposite end of the spectrum and find you struggle to get warm enough, you may want to consider adding more layers. The perfect combination for a toasty night in is a Duvet, a Top Sheet, and a Quilted Bed Cover. This will provide plenty of warmth, but also won't leave you waking up in your own sweat. Linen is temperature-regulating, which means that it takes its cues to what’s going on both on your body and in the air around you and adjusts its heat accordingly.

Combination Sleeper

What you need: Duvet, Top Sheet, Heavy Linen Throw

Unlike those who exclusively sleep on their back, side, or stomach, combination sleepers tend to shift between these positions. They may also change temperature throughout the night. For this reason, having options is best. You'll want to have a Duvet, a Top Sheet, and a Heavy Linen Throw to cater for all your 'sleep modes'. That way you can add or remove layers easily as needed throughout the night.

Blanket Hog

What you need: Two Single Duvets

Look, we aren't judging, we've all been there... you've woken up to find yourself all toasty and wrapped up in your duvet while your partner has zero duvet for themselves (or the other way around!) There really is a simple solution for this and it's called the Scandinavian Sleep Method.

The Scandinavian Sleep Method, also known as the 2-duvet system, is shockingly easy to implement. You keep your normal bed, normal fitted sheet, and normal flat sheet, only swapping one large duvet for two smaller ones.

This means that each partner has their own duvet to toss, turn and cuddle up in all night long!

Lightweight Layer Sleeper

What you need: Duvet, Flat Sheet and/or Muslin Throw

If you don't like having weight on you but still want warmth, linen really is a fantastic bedding choice. We recommend a Duvet, as well as a Flat Sheet/and or Muslin Throw. Our Flat Sheets serve as lightweight covers on their own, and if you want another layer, our Muslin Throws are lightweight and soft, making them ideal for summer or layering in cooler weather without adding excessive bulk.

Heavyweight Layer Sleeper

What you need: Duvet, Heavyweight Throw, and/or Quilted Bed Cover

If you prefer that real cosy and secure feeling sleep environment with more weight and warmth, any combination of our heavier cover options will do the trick! This means any combo of Duvet, Heavyweight Throws and/or Quilted Bed Cover will give you an almost 'weighted blanket feel' yet still be breathable.

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