9 Genius Decorating Hacks to Make the Most of Your Tiny Bathroom

Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to decorating or styling at home, seen as purely functional spaces that are best used in small doses. But when it comes to blissful places at home to unwind after a long week, a clean and organised bathroom beats out a spa any day in our opinion.

Whether you're renting or own your place, updating your bathroom is easier than it sounds - and it's entirely possible to overhaul the room in the space of a single afternoon. If you're limited on space, here are nine simple steps to elevating your bathroom from outdated and clinical, to a modern self-care haven.

9 Genius Decorating Hacks to Make the Most of Your Tiny Bathroom

1. Spray it white

If you've just moved in or have grown weary of those wacky tiles from a bygone decade, a very effective way to achieve a fresh, contemporary look is to simply spray the lot. You'll want to get a professional on board to maintain a premium finish, but this option is more cost-effective than tearing them off the wall and starting again.

If you're a renter with a good relationship with your landlord, remind them of how the new look will help them with their property value (and cross your fingers). By choosing a crisp white colour, your bathroom will immediately feel more spacious (and luxurious).

2. Towels as art

Artwork can be a great addition to a bathroom, but for most of us with bathrooms on the smaller side, framed prints are best kept to the bedroom and living areas where ventilation is better and there's less chance of bumping it off the wall.

In saying that, bathrooms definitely don't have to be boring. If you're a fan of colour and pattern, choose to express it through your choice in towels. Just remember to keep the rest of your scheme simple to allow them to shine.

3. Swap your taps

Outdated tapware and tiles are the main features that can make a bathroom look and feel unpleasant. Now that you've got the tiles sorted, consider heading to the local hardware store and picking up some modern taps for your sink, shower and bath.

The difference a sleek black tap can make to a minimalist bathroom is huge, especially considering how affordable it is, too. Opt for a simple shape in matte black or brushed brass.

4. Pick a colour

With towels, dispensers and general bathroom accessories, focus your attention on one colour and work with the tones within that colour to style with. Your tiny bathroom will feel curated, sophisticated and purposeful, and will allow your eye to move around the space without being distracted by a rainbow of distractions.

5. Basket storage

Baskets are always our go-to for storage around the home because they double as decor items while helping to hide items you don't need on the daily. If you're reading this, you're most likely the owner of a tiny bathroom, and one feature of most tiny bathrooms is a lack of storage space. If you have space under your vanity or next to your shower, consider a woven basket to store items in for both practical and styling purposes.

6. Style a tray

The best way to pull together a curated, stylish bathroom is to create simple vignettes that make it front-cover worthy.

First, use a simple tray to collate things like hand wash and your most-used skincare products. Then fill a small vase with your favourite flowers or even some freshly-picked branches from your yard, and voila! You've got yourself a cute, stylish bathroom vanity.

7. Include a plant

To really transform your bathroom into an aspirational oasis, some natural elements are necessary to evoke a sense of zen and help purify the air. Plus, plants look amazing. Be sure to select a variety based on the amount of natural light and temperature it needs to stay thriving.

8. Consider pendants

We all know that overhead lighting is one of the least flattering sources of light found in bathrooms. It definitely serves a useful function, but if you want your space to have a bit more ambience and romance, consider installing a pendant light or wall sconce to achieve a more flattering and aesthetically-pleasing way to get ready.

9. Floating shelves

When floor space is tight, it's time to go up the walls. If you're still in need of organisational solutions to keep all of your necessities, a few floating shelves should do the trick. You can find them quite cheap and they shouldn't take long to install. Use the previous vignette and basket tips to keep your shelves cohesive with the rest of the room.

Looking to transform your bathroom? Here are 8 landlord-approved hacks to update your rental bathroom on a budget.

Lead image from Kara and Kyal Demmrich's Home Tour featuring our Olive Bath Towel.

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