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Heading on holiday? We have all your packing dilemmas sorted.

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10 Travel Packing Hacks to Get Your Suitcase Closed

Heading on holiday? We have all your packing dilemmas sorted.

It’s that time of year when we all start dreaming of a nice vacation. Whether it’s a blissful resort sojourn or a chic city break, a trip abroad or one closer to home, the holiday season brings with it all the promises of time away and the rest and relaxation that comes with it.

Maximising your suitcase capacity with packing hacks is a smart way to approach getting prepared for your next trip, both in terms of helping you get organised with what to take with you and making sure there’s space in your suitcase for souvenirs to bring home.

Whether you're a seasoned traveller, or jet-setting on your first international trip, here are our 10 top packing hacks to maximise your suitcase capacity on your next holiday. And if you're unsure what to pack in your carry-on bag read our guide on the essential items that will make flying easier.

1. Plan ahead and make lists

The secret to maximising space in your suitcase is to plan ahead and make a list of what you’re going to take with you. Think of it as a mini capsule wardrobe: How long are you away for? What occasion are you going for? What will you need and how will your pieces mix and match with each other? It's also important to check the luggage limits with your chosen airline. Depending on the climate and location, we usually like to take a linen dress that can be easily styled up or down for the evening or long lunches, a pair of sandals that can go from day to night, a few pairs of linen trousers or shorts that can pair well with classic T-shirts and singlets, and one oversized shirt that can be used as a cover-up at the beach. Add to this swimwear, workout gear and anything else you might need, and you have the perfect holiday wardrobe.

2. Roll your clothes

We know it sounds silly, but it actually works. Rolling up your clothes is one way to maximise space in your suitcase – rolled clothes are neater to pack together, plus they end up rolling out with fewer creases on the other end. We have to thank Marie Kondo, the queen of organisation, for this tip, and ever since we started using it it’s changed our packing game.

3. Or try packing cubes

Beyond rolling your clothes, packing cubes are taking suitcase organisation to the next level. These can be cheaply purchased online and are basically dividers for your suitcase, where you can organise categories of items: underwear in one, T-shirts in another, and so on. The trick with these is that they make unpacking very easy, simply take them out of the suitcase and into your hotel or Airbnb wardrobe.

4. Always bring an extra tote or zip-up bag

It never hurts to stash an extra, foldable zip-up back or tote in the bottom of your suitcase just in case you need a little extra capacity. If it can zip up, it means you’ve got a little extra wiggle room for a bag that can be checked in, but if it can’t – such as a cotton tote bag or a baggu plastic bag – no worries. Use it as extra hand luggage. Even if you don’t end up needing extra suitcase space for souvenirs and shopping, these bags come in handy for stashing dirty washing on the way home.

5. Store up all those minis

You know all those mini skincare and beauty products that you have lying around, thanks to sample beauty boxes and gifting? This is their time to shine. A short trip away is no time to waste precious packing space on your full-size beauty products and skincare routines. Unearth all your minis, sachets and test samples and use them on your trip instead. Who knows, you might discover a new must-have product while you’re away!

6. Put an extra pair of clothes in your carry-on

This is a tip you only need if you’re checking in luggage and it’s one you probably already know, but it bears repeating: You have to take a spare change of clothes in your carry-on. With travel, the way it is right now, and airports at capacity, so many suitcases are getting lost in transit. Save yourself the stress on the other end and make sure you have something to wear when you land. Bonus points if it’s an easy breezy dress that can be worn both day and night.

7. Everything heavy goes at the bottom

Give your suitcase extra structure, and help protect more delicate items in the middle, by cushioning them with your heaviest items at the bottom of the suitcase. That means things like sneakers, or books or a bulkier jacket, go at the base of the suitcase to help protect your more fragile items in the middle of the suitcase.

8. You need less shoes than you think

Shoes are the heaviest things you will take away with you and always the most superfluous. Take it from seasoned travellers, but on trips abroad, you often end up wearing the same shoes over and over again. Our advice is to take out one pair of shoes before you go. If you’re going to a warm destination, all you really need is a pair of sneakers for walking or working out and a pair of leather sandals that can go from day to night.

9. Use your Bed Threads dustbags

Ever wondered what to use all the Bed Threads dust bags that come with your sheets, sleepwear and table settings? They are perfect for organising your goods and using as protection when packing. The biggest ones are great for storing shoes and handbags – you need to put shoes inside a dustbag, to keep your clothes clean and separate shoes from everything else. Smaller dust bags are great for storing more delicate items, such as your jewellery, charger cords, or bras and underwear to keep them separate from the rest of your suitcase.

10. Take a cover-up

Depending on your final destination, don’t forget to throw a cover-up into your suitcase. If you’re going to a summer spot, might we suggest a sarong? It’s really the all-purpose packing item that can be used at the beach, around your shoulders on a cold night and as a scarf on a flight. Win!

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