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From ranch-like retreats to desert oases, these stunning spaces embody southwestern splendour.

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8 Idyllic Homes That Channel Western Charm

From ranch-like retreats to desert oases, these stunning spaces embody southwestern splendour.

There’s something so inherently comforting about a western-style home. Where rugged charm meets refined elegance, ranch-like spaces emit a sense of warmth and cosiness as soon as you step inside.

Inspired by the vast landscapes, rich history, and distinctive elements of the countryside, this design style evokes a unique blend of comfort, authenticity, and timelessness.

Whether you're drawn to the rustic simplicity of a ranch or the vibrant colours of earthy motifs, the western design aesthetic creates an outcome that is both inviting and visually striking.

Through our The Makers series we’ve had the pleasure of entering homes which embody this charming interior design style. Read ahead to take a peek into some of these magical ranch-like spaces.

1. Rhiannon Griego's Rustic Home in New Mexico

Melding the elegance of New Mexico charm with the rustic beauty of traditional farmhouse interiors, textile artist Rhiannon Griego’s home and studio are a visual delight. Her home leans into the local vernacular and takes into account the region’s warm climate utilising adobe walls, latillas, and vigas – all of which combine to create an aesthetic that's beautifully rustic. Warm tones prevail within from the Rust and Oatmeal linen in the primary bedroom to the terracotta tone of the walls.

Tour Rhiannon’s home

2. Natalie Saunder’s Eclectic Desert Home in Joshua Tree

Immersed in the Joshua Tree desert, this stylish retreat – dubbed 'Desert Wild' – establishes itself as the ideal refuge to relax and unwind. The home's design and styling mixes the local vernacular and aesthetic with Moroccan and Mediterranean accents. The interiors, complete with an assemblage of new and antique pieces, are cosy and inviting. A warm and pared-back colour palette that echoes the surrounding landscape carries throughout the home from the Moroccan-style patterned rug in the living room to the Oatmeal linen in the second bedroom.

Tour Natalie’s home

3. Kelsey Coppetti’s Tranquil Arro Dune’s Home In Joshua Tree

Founder of Studio Marrant Kelsey Copetti has created a sublime paradise in the middle of Joshua Tree’s desert: Arro Dunes. Mixing in elements of wabi-sabi design, this home is refreshingly modern, while still feeling homely. A neutral palette and smart use of organic textures can be seen inside, with stucco walls, woven rugs, timber furniture, and timber ceiling beams. The space has also been decorated with antiques which bring added warmth to the space. White linen introduces a fresh and clean look to the primary bedroom, while French doors provide a connection to the outdoors where guests can unwind on the timber deck under the Joshua Tree sky.

Tour Kelsey’s home

4. Claire Thomas’ 1980s Ranch Retreat in Yucca Valley

The multi-talented food stylist, photographer, co-founder of a grain-free baking company, production designer, and commercial director Claire Thomas’ vibrant home in Yucca Valley, California is a feast for the eyes. This charming oasis by Claire Thomas is a lovely homage to Mexico, and effortlessly transports you to the beautifully sunny country. Aptly named ‘Oeste Home’ – Spanish for ‘West Home’ – it is swathed in warm hues and decorative tiles, and is filled with handmade textiles and natural textures.Outside, the home is equally as striking with a patio complete with its own copper tub – an ideal spot to soak in the delightful desert backdrop.

Tours Claire’s home

5. Hannah Sindorf’s Creative Sanctuary in New Mexico

Tucked away in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is the small town of Taos County, home to Halcyon Jewelry founder Hannah Sindorf’s rustic rental. Thanks to her built-in jewellery studio, warm Terracotta linens, and a treasure trove of family heirlooms, the rental quickly felt like home for Hannah. The welcoming space is filled with countless sculptures fashioned by her late father, cherished photos of family members, and vintage furniture originally purchased by her grandparents in the 1950s.

Tour Hannah’s home

6. Claire Zinnecker’s 120-Year-Old Austin Farmhouse

It’s hard to believe interior designer Claire Zinnecker’s farmhouse was once a dilapidated piece of property up for sale on Facebook Marketplace – but with hard work and sheer determination, Claire has created a rustic oasis out of the 1898 Victorian farmhouse. Affectionately dubbed ‘Ida’, the home now sits on Claire’s beautiful property near the San Gabriel River. From the raw timber beams scaling the ceiling to the slatted timber walls and original casement windows, the 120-year-old Austin home exudes a timeless charm and rustic elegance. Every crack and every creak makes this home feel alive, breathing with the long history of the life it lived before.

Tour Claire’s home

7. Sara Combs’ Desert Oasis in Joshua Tree

This stunning 1949 hacienda property belongs to designer Sara Combs’ who has turned the charming house into a luxury oasis. The renovated home embraces a Spanish meets Moroccan aesthetic, celebrating design and nature. Warm tones that mimic the surrounding landscape dominate the interior colour palette from the rust-toned sofa in the open-plan living area to the Turmeric linen in the main bedroom. Potted cacti have been dotted throughout the home in an effort to blur the line between home and nature.

Tour Sara’s home

8. Emma Lane’s Spanish-Inspired Homestead in the Byron Bay Hinterland

Creative Emma Lane’s sprawling property dubbed ‘The Range’, in the Byron Bay Hinterland, is set on 120 acres of land and boasts idyllic views of rolling hills and gorgeous coastline. The property encapsulates Emma's own family home; the homestead, as well as two spaces for holiday accommodation; the barn and the cabin, for those looking to immerse themselves in a rich architectural space and stunning natural surrounds. Stucco walls, arches, natural materials, and a warm, neutral colour palette prevail in the homestead and play into the Spanish aesthetic. The home embraces rich decorative details albeit in a paired-down way as Emma likes to "keep it elegant and simple."

Tour Emma’s home

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