From historical fantasy to thrillers, classic rom-coms and beyond.

| By Sukriti Wahi | Journal

10 Addictive Book Series With 3 or More Books to Curl up With

From historical fantasy to thrillers, classic rom-coms and beyond.

The only thing better than sinking your teeth into a good book? Knowing it’s a series and there’s plenty more where that came from.

After all, not only does getting stuck into a series help keep the reading habit alive, but there’s nothing like falling in love with a set of characters and staying on the journey with them beyond a single book.

So, whether you need some sustenance while you’re getting cosy at home or in search of a fresh set of beach reads – we’ve got you covered.

From historical fantasy to thrillers, classic rom-coms and beyond, keep reading for ten addictive book series with three or more books to curl up with.

1. The Finlay Donovan Series by Elle Cosimano

Number of books: 4 (and counting)

It’s rare to find a fast-paced mystery series with witty humour at the heart, but the Finlay Donovan series deftly combines the two for a rollicking read. With four books out and more on the way, it follows the titular Finlay Donovan, a struggling suspense novelist and stressed-out single mother-turned-amateur-sleuth whose writing begins to creep dangerously close to the truth. It all kicks off in Finlay Donovan Is Killing It, when Finlay’s overheard relaying the plot of her new thriller to her agent over lunch and is mistaken for a contract killer, accidentally accepting an offer to ‘do away with’ a problem husband to make ends meet. Soon, she realises that real-life crime is a lot more complicated than it is in fiction, as she finds herself entangled in an actual murder investigation.

2. The All Souls Series by Deborah Harkness

Number of books: 4 (and counting)

Mixing the spice of Outlander, the sexy vampires of Twilight and the witchy appeal of Harry Potter, Deborah Harkness’ All Souls series has a lot of good stuff going for it. It all starts with A Discovery of Witches, following Diana Bishop, a historian and reluctant witch who has long rejected her magical heritage and abstained from learning witchcraft. Accidentally summoning a bewitched alchemical manuscript during her research, a chain of magical reactions is set in motion, drawing the attention of a fantastical underworld of daemons, witches and vampires.

In order to unlock the book’s coveted contents, she forms an unlikely alliance with handsome vampire geneticist Matthew Clairmont – who has also been on the hunt for the book. Together, they try to stop the manuscript from falling into the wrong hands, dodging magical threats at every turn.

3. The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon

Number of books: 9

It would be remiss of us to mention Outlander without also recommending this beloved book-turned-TV series. Perfect for lovers of historical fantasy and romance, it centres around 20th-century British nurse Claire Randall, who travels back in time to 18th-century Scotland and finds romance and adventure with the handsome Highland warrior Jamie Fraser.

A mesmerising and tumultuous tale of love unbound by time and space, the series boasts nine books to keep you cosy up on your couch or deck chair for quite some time. It’s important to note that each book in this series acts as a chapter in a grand story, so it’s recommended to read them in the order they were published.

4. The Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy by Kevin Kwan

Number of books: 3

The book equivalent of a good glass of bubbly, Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians trilogy is a frothy yet satirical rom-com that goes down a treat. The series begins with the eponymous first book, following American-Chinese professor Rachel Chu when she agrees to spend the summer in Singapore with her boyfriend Nicholas Young who she is shocked to discover is the heir to one of Asia’s biggest fortunes – with a formidable mother who doesn’t quite approve of her overseas background.

In short, it’s a made-to-devour tale of ‘the haves and haves not’ told with a lot of wit and surprising warmth.

5. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Number of books: 5 (and counting)

A Court of Thorns and Roses likely needs no introduction, but our list wouldn’t be complete without this spicy behemoth of a ‘romantasy’ series. A reimagining of Beauty and the Beast, the first book begins when Feyre, a 19-year-old huntress fighting to survive a harsh winter, kills a wolf in the woods.

Soon after, a terrifying beast arrives demanding retribution. Capturing Feyre and taking her to his home the magical Fae lands, she soon learns he is one of the deadly immortal faeries who once ruled over her fellow humans. But the more she discovers past his beastly facade, the more her feelings towards the faerie, Tamlin, begin to grow – and so, too, does a looming blight that threatens the land, one Feyre must find a way to stop – or doom Tamlin and his world forever.

Hot tip: It does start off on the slow side, but you have to play the long game – once you get past the first half of book one, you’ll be flying your way through the entire series.

6. The Bridgerton Series by Julia Quinn

Number of books: 8

Netflix might have turned this Regency era romance into a hit series, but we strongly recommend checking out the Bridgerton books if you haven’t already. Set in high society London, it follows the eight siblings of the wealthy Bridgerton family in their search for love and happiness — all while a writer under the pseudonym Lady Whistledown chronicles the tales and scandals of the Ton in a way that would give Gossip Girl a run for her money.

One big plus of the books versus the show is that the books do go deeper into the characters’ worlds, with a number of plot points not shown or changed in the show, so there’s plenty to discover anew.

7. The Housemaid Series by Freida McFadden

Number of books: 3

Keeps the snacks close – once you start this psychological thriller, you won’t be getting up from the couch until you’re done. The kind of page-turner that can pull you out of a reading slump, the first book in The Housemaid series focuses on Millie, who gets a job as a maid for the wealthy Winchester family. Hired there and then by Nina, the wife, Millie moves into the attic bedroom of the Winchesters’ mansion. Previously homeless, the job promises Millie a fresh start, but she holds secrets the Winchesters do not know about, including a recent release from jail. As tensions rise, it becomes apartments the family have secrets of their own – and no one is safe.

8. The Wedding Date Series by Jasmine Guillory

Number of books: 6

If you’re in the market for an easy romance book (or six), Jasmine Guillory’s The Wedding Date series has got you covered. While the series is set in the same world, each book follows a different set of interconnected characters, so you get plenty of variety and familiarity at the same time. The first book, also called The Wedding Date, draws on the beloved rom-com trope of fake romance. In it, the main character Alexa Monroe finds herself stuck in an elevator with Drew, a handsome yet arrogant doctor, who asks her to be his plus-one-slash-pretend-girlfriend at his ex’s wedding. The fake relationship turns into real fun, but it can’t go further when they have to return to their lives in different cities… or can it?

9. The Kiss Quotient Series by Helen Hoang

Number of books: 3

The Kiss Quotient is also a heartwarming romance series you’ll find yourself flying through. Similar to The Wedding Date, each book centres on different characters from the same group. Book one focuses on Stella, an econometrician on the autism spectrum who is all about numbers. While she’s brilliant at her job, she struggles with relationships. Determined to master the art of dating, she hires Michael, an attractive escort, to help her make sense of love – and to, ahem, put it into practice. Before long, their unconventional arrangement gives way to an unexpected connection that goes beyond their contract – but not without complications – showing Stella love is the best kind of logic.

10. Tita Rosie’s Kitchen Mystery Series by Mia. P Manansala

Number of books: 4 (and counting)

A cosy mystery series with a lovable crime-solving family and a generous dash of culinary goodness to taste? Sounds like a recipe for a great read – and that’s exactly what you get with Tita Rosie’s Kitchen Mystery. The first book, Arsenic and Adobo, kicks it all off when Lila Macapagal moves back to her small Illinois hometown after a terrible breakup, helping her family run Tita Rosie’s failing restaurant. When an infamously awful food critic – who happens to be her ex-boyfriend – drops dead after a confrontation with Lila and the cops seem convinced she’s the only suspect, she’s left with no choice but to start her own investigation alongside her nosy network of aunties, barista bestie and loyal Dachshund, Longanisa.

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