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You Only Need 15 Minutes To Make These Utterly Indulgent Breakfasts

They say that it's the most important meal of the day, but if you're like us, you usually reach for a coffee and a piece of toast to keep your tired mind ticking along. That's because the thought of whipping up a full meal first thing in the morning can seem a little bit daunting especially for those of us who haven't perfected our skills in the kitchen just yet. In an attempt to elevate our morning meals, we've been scouring the internet for the easiest and quickest breakfast recipes we literally can't wait to try this week. From avocado blueberry pancakes to baked egg and smoked salmon, start your day right with these nutritious and delicious breakfasts.

1. Avocado blueberry pancakes

Completely sugar-free and bursting with flavour, these pancakes are unlike anything you've ever eaten. Filled with blueberries and avocado, this breakfast recipe contains a plethora of nutrients and vitamins that will help you feel alert and ready to face whatever the day throws at you.

Try the recipe by Well Nourished.

2. Baked egg and smoked salmon

This recipe also includes avocado, one of the most versatile ingredients in your fridge. You'll be using it as a cup of sorts to house your baked eggs and salmon, which provides you with an aesthetic breakfast that looks like it's come straight from the kitchen of your favourite cafe. Healthy and soul-nourishing, this might just be your new daily breakfast.

Try the recipe by Taste here.

3. Berry Bircher Museli

For those (including myself) who love bircher muesli but have been intimidated to cook it themselves, this recipe proves just how easy it is. Using your favourite berries and oats, this recipe takes no time at all to make—it just needs some time to rest in the fridge.

Try the recipe by Live Lighter here.

4. Pumpkin rösti with poached egg

This simple breakfast recipe tastes just as good as it sounds. Combining decadent eggs, fresh mint, feta and avocado, you'll feel like a certified master chef after plating this up for yourself. The best part is how fast you can whip it all together each morning.

Try the recipe by Gourmet Traveller here.

5. Lola Berry's antioxidant happiness smoothie

With a title like that, you better believe we're trying it. Smoothies are a fantastic way to pack nutrients and antioxidants into your breakfast even if you prefer yours in liquid form. This vibrant recipe is full of blueberries that will power you for the morning and keep you feeling fresh and on the ball from the get-go.

Try the recipe by Delicious here.

6. French toast with berry compote

Utterly indulgent and full of delicious flavour, all you need is fifteen minutes to accomplish a breakfast you'll be proud of. This berry-filled French toast recipe has only a few simple steps that literally any cooking novice could master.

Try the recipe by Woolworths here.

7. Sweetcorn fritters

If you're after a little bit of crunch in your morning meal, then tomorrow's breakfast is sorted with this easy to follow recipe. You can't help but have a great day after devouring a glistening stack of these golden fritters in the a.m.

Try the recipe by Sydney Markets.

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