7 Bedroom Decorating Trends Everyone's Obsessed With in 2021

Are you ready for a change? A new chapter? We think we all are. And here at Bed Threads, we believe that one of the best ways to achieve that is to give your bedroom a little makeover.

Even if you’re in a rental and can’t make big changes, there are so many small decorating trends you can tap into that will help elevate your space in 2021. These subtle tweaks are proving to be some of the biggest design trends of the year, which you're most likely seeing everyone on Instagram and Pinterest.

7 Most Popular Bedroom Decorating Trends of 2021

1. Colour therapy

You might have seen Pantone announce its colours (yes, plural): grey and yellow. The grey is a soft marle-esque hue, while the yellow is bright and punchy. (The exact colour name is “illuminating” yellow, which is some energy we really could all use right now.)

The specific shades that Pantone has chosen are sure to be seen all over bedrooms in 2021, so keep your eyes peeled for anything that fits the bill. Grey is the perfect neutral backdrop if you’re looking to paint your walls, or use it as a bedding colour that is a little more interesting than plain white – try our cooling Fog linen set for a perfect colour match. And that punchy, bright yellow? Look for pieces that will serve as design accents in your room: throw pillows, bedside table accessories or even curtains.

For a full rundown of how to use colour, here are our top tips on how to use colour therapy to style your home.

2. Desk space

As more and more of us continue to work from home, our bedrooms need to reflect that. If you don’t have space for a separate office, you need to comfortably and productively work from your bedroom, and a major trend in 2021 will be seen in how rooms adapt to accommodate that.

Look for bedrooms that have clever desk solutions as part of their design - maybe it’s a chic nook desk built into a corner, or a desk that pops down from the side of a wardrobe so that you can work quickly and efficiently whenever you need to. You'll see a greater adaptation of home office furniture to fit your bedroom design scheme. For example, ergonomic office chairs upholstered in colours that match your bedroom colour scheme, or a desk that doubles as a bedside table. We’ve spent 2020 adapted to our new normal, so 2021 will be about making that normal as nice, lovely and functional as possible.

3. Let the light in

Another thing we’ve learned in 2020 is the importance of natural light in refuelling our mental and physical health. In 2021, we’re seeing this play a major part in the design of bedrooms. There's a resurgence in skylights in the bedroom and a trend of bedroom styling so that your bed faces the windows, rather than looks away from them.

Design is leaning heavily towards natural light, and how you can maximise it in your bedroom sanctuary. Away from natural light, lights mounted on the wall instead of bedside lamps are a big trend that creates a soft and hotel-esque finish.

4. Curtains are back!

Have you heard? Curtains are back in a big, big way. Whereas once design trends favoured blinds and shutters, fabric curtains have been staging a comeback, especially in the bedroom. If you’re looking to set a sultry and relaxing mood in your space, curtains are the perfect accessory to do that.

Look for something neutral, thick, monochrome and durable – why not even seek out some linen curtains and let them hang them from your curtain rod all the way to the floor? When curtains skim the ground like that, they really elongate the room, making it feel bigger, more spacious and increases the feel of the ceiling height. We’re loving curtains in shades of sage green, dusty rose and classic oatmeals at the moment.

5. Keep it soft

It’s already been a major bedroom decorating trend for a few years, and it’s not going anywhere in 2021. When it comes to styling your bedroom, keep it soft, keep it cosy and keep it warm.

Everything is about texture at the moment, from the Bed Threads 100% Flax Linen sheets you’re going to put on your bed, to woollen throw blankets and soft, shaggy rugs. You’re going to want your bedroom to feel like the most luxurious, welcoming space, which you can achieve by filling it with cosy textures and super-soft bedding.

6. Behind the bed

No headboard? No problem. In 2021, the area behind your bed is getting a bit of love. The space behind your bed can be decorated with a print gallery, a photo wall, a decorative wall decal or even a feature mural or block colour painted directly onto the area. The idea is to draw the eye to the space around your bed, making the bed the focal point of the room and bringing a sense of design and ceremony to an otherwise blank space.

7. Wallpaper it up

A big trend throughout interiors in 2021 is wallpaper, so the question is: would you consider adding some wallpaper to your bedroom? There are so many gorgeous designs available at the moment, and we think everyone should opt for prints that are soothing to the eye in the bedroom, like a soft floral motif or a vintage-leaning botanical print. Basically, look for anything that will help bring the outside in and provide a chic backdrop for your bedroom.

Liked this? Here are 7 ways the pandemic changed what we want from our homes.

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