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The Year of the Ox Is Here to Bring a Sigh of Relief and Good Fortune

It was a sigh of relief when the clock struck 12am on the 1st of January 2021, and the horror of a year that was 2020 became a distant memory.

Now, halfway through February and there’s another opportunity to hit the refresh button as we enter a new year in the Chinese lunar calendar.

On Friday February 12, the Chinese calendar said goodbye to the Year of the Rat and welcomed the Year of the Ox.

What does the Year of the Ox symbolise?

In Chinese culture, the Ox is a valued animal. Because of its role in agriculture, the Ox is known to be hardworking, diligent, honest and earnest.

They never look for praise or want to be the centre of attention. While this means their talent often goes unnoticed, overtime they eventually gain recognition through their persistent hard work.

They understand boundaries, rarely lose their tempers and they think logically, which makes them excellent leaders.

While the Year of the Rat symbolised change, quick-wittedness and drama, the Metal Ox, which we’ve entered in 2021, is expected to be “soft, slow and passive,” according to Japan Times.

Experts believe the year ahead presents an opportunity for career advancement, success in business, prosperity and wellness, as long as you stick to routine and do the hard work.

Ox elements and fortunes

According to Chinese astrology, the year of a person’s birth sign, know as Ben Ming Nian, is believed to offend the God of Age Tai Sui, and incur his curse. Therefore, 2021 will be a turbulent year for those who have the Ox as their Chinese zodiac sign. Oxens may encounter challenges, especially in their career and studies, which can lead to stress and burnout.

The key to overcoming any potential bad luck is to “strengthen your morale,” according to Chinese New Year.

“Use this time to cultivate your relationships. With the support of your family and friends, you will likely manage to navigate any difficulties and gain a deeper appreciation for what you have,” the site reads.

Here are the years and elements associated with the Year of the Ox...


Years: 1961, 2021

Fortune: Metal Oxen face obstacles early on in their life and career, however they’re able to enjoy a comfortable retirement. They’re active and always busy, and popular among friends.


Years: 1973, 2033

Fortune: Water Oxen live a comfortable early life and are respected throughout their life. They’re known to be hardworking and ambitious, and have a strong sense of justice. It’s recommended they marry late.


Years: 1925, 1985

Fortune: Wood Oxens are considered multitalented, decisive and are always ready to defend the weak and helpless. Although there will be some obstacles in the early stages of their life, everything eventually smooths out and they’re able to calmly sail through life.


Years: 1937, 1997

Fortune: Fire Oxens are short-sighted and impersonal, but practical. They have no financial worries their entire life. They’re considered friendly and social.


Years: 1949, 2009

Fortune: Earth Oxens are honest, wise and like being leaders. They make a lot of money, however they’re unable to hold onto it. They live comfortable retirement years.

What are lucky symbols for people born in the Year of the Ox?

To ward off any bad luck - especially for those born in the Year of the Ox - it is believed you should manifest the following symbols:

  • Numbers: 1 and 4, and numbers containing 1 and 4 (e.g. 14 and 41). The numbers 5 and 6 are considered unlucky.
  • Flowers: Peach blossoms, tulips and bamboo
  • Colours: White, yellow and green. Blue is considered an unlucky colour.
  • Directions of wealth: Northwest
  • Directions of love: South
  • Directions of hope: East and Southeast

Which zodiac signs are the most compatible with the Ox?

Most compatible: Rat, Snake, Rooster

Least compatible: Goat, Horse, Dog

Best careers for Oxens

Because Oxens are studious in school and perform well in every subject, they have a strong career path. They group family and work together, and seek long-term and steady employment. They make the perfect candidates for stressful occupations such as doctors, lawyers, businessmen and teachers.

Although they will make a good impression in any job that fits their skills, they should take the time to find something they truly love.

Health and lifestyle of Oxens

Those with the Ox as their Chinese zodiac sign are naturally healthy and fit just like the wild oxen that run wild in the fields.

However, their hardworking personalities will often lead them to neglect their health and they often go days with minimal food and rest. Irregular exercise during their earlier years leads to an abundance of health issues once they reach their middle ages. It’s important for Oxens to take breaks from work and prioritise sleep.

2022: The Year of the Tiger

The Year of the Ox will end on January 31, 2022, and will transition to the Year of the Tiger.

The Tiger is believed to offer a passionate and exciting new beginning, and welcome a wealth of prosperity and joy. So, it looks like there are plenty of good things to come over the next two years as we slowly recover from 2020.

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