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8 Clever Hacks That Make Your Home Look (Much) Bigger

Your home is your sanctuary. The place you feel most comfortable, relaxed and energised. At least, that’s how it’s meant to be. When your space is cluttered, lacking style or just plain uninspiring, it has the potential to completely deplete your mood. No, you don’t need to head out and spend all your European summer vacation savings on new decor, there are some quick (cheap) wins and clever furniture arranging tricks that will lift any space in a moment.

1. Subtract Furniture, Don’t Add

Your decorating instincts might be compel you to add piece after piece of furniture to your (ever-growing) furniture collection, but trust us, it’s only going to make your place feel cramped. Instead of filling your room with excess decor, pick one or two key pieces of furniture and make them the focal point. A statement couch doesn’t need to be complemented — it's enough as it is, and if your furniture is overcrowding your room, consider donating or recycling pieces that serve no purpose. Be ruthless now, and you'll thank us later.

2. Mirror, Mirror

Think of mirrors as a cramped, dingy room’s kryptonite. Hanging a mirror on your wall has the ability to make any room appear larger and their light-reflecting super powers will brighten the darkest of spaces. Plus, your reflection is gorgeous so what’s the harm in seeing it a little more often, right? Right.

3. Floating Furniture

Has every single item of furniture in your house backed up against the perimeter? Consider giving your decor a little distance from the wall to create a cosier space. Is your bed flush in the corner? Move it into the centre. Shelves taking up too much space? You guessed it: opt for functional floating options.

4. Play with Natural Textures

One way to instantly lift your space is by incorporating natural textures in your home. Opting for linen bedding, and the divine natural creases that come with it, is going to add an inviting element to your bedroom. The best part? Linen softens with every wash, which means you’re off the hook when it comes to ironing. Pair it with a jute rug, a concrete table or ceramic statements. These will all play off each other, and create a grounding, earthy feel to your space — however modern it might be.

5. Rug Up

A high-quality rug (or carpet) has the power to completely change the aesthetic of a room — whether you’re going for a warm and cosy look or a sleek, minimal feel. If you’re not on the rug bandwagon, might we suggest you hop aboard and add one to your living room, dining room, bedroom or even running down your entrance. The key here? Size matters. Opt for a large-sized rug as smaller rugs can make your room look out of balance.

6. In Art We Trust

A sculpture, drawing or print has the power to completely transform the feel of your room. From a bold piece to subtle contemporary sketches, pick art that speaks to you and, regardless of the rest of the decor in a room, if you love it, you’ll feel elated every time you look at it.

7. Say Goodbye to Matchy-Matchy

Does your couch match your arm chair, your cushions and your rug? A uniform look can sometimes work when offset with accessories of different colours and textures but if it can be avoided, steer clear of an ultra-uniformed palette. Opting for furniture and accessories of different styles and textures can give your space an instant refresh, and add interest to any space.

8. Upgrade Your Lamps

There’s a reason the warm, cosy glow of lamps is referred to as “mood lighting”, it has a seriously positive effect on the way you feel. When it comes to your lighting solutions, you have our permission to go overboard — lamps in your living area will allow you to relax in the evening and one on each of your bedside tables will up the cosiness levels in your bedroom and get you into wind-down mode come bedtime. Trust us.

Now that we’re on the topic, here are 7 easy ways to update your home in winter and, according to Pinterest, these are six of the trends heading to an interior near you this season.

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