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This Month’s Supercharged New Moon In Leo Brings a Wealth of Luck and Power

2021 has been full of powerful full Moons and Mercury Retrogrades, and now this year’s only new Moon in Leo is here to bring in a wealth of motivation and the opportunity to dream big.

What makes this astrological event an extremely lucky one is the fact that it just so happens to coincide with the “Lion’s Gate portal” — a powerful portal that opens up every year between July 28 and August 12, when Sirius (aka the brightest star), comes into view and aligns with the Sun. While August 8 is considered the activation date, this time period up until August 12 is considered one of the luckiest of the year, making it the perfect time to be ambitious and manifest your most passionate desires.

Here’s everything you need to know about this powerful new Moon.

What does August’s new Moon in Leo mean?

New Moons signal the end and start of a fresh lunar cycle, so it represents a time of rebirth — however, each month’s Moon has different effects depending on its nearby astrological transits.

Leo represents creativity, self-worth and courage — and also taps into the relationship sector — so you can expect a boost and attraction to these traits specifically.

Furthermore, Leo’s new Moon falls in between the double full Moon in Aquarius (the next one occurs on August 22), so it’ll bring forth a powerful alliance between Leo and Aquarius. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which governs innovation, authenticity and unexpected events, so the influence to express your true self is at an all-time high.

This monumental period is packed with tenacity and the freedom to be bold, brave and parade your best assets. It’s a time to inspire others to accomplish, too, moving towards happiness as a collective whole in order to mend the past and present.

What’s the impact of the Lion’s Gate on the new Moon in Leo?

The presence of the Lion’s Gate energy is what makes this new Moon all that more powerfully special. The energy of this astrological movement embodies the Leo traits of courage, strength and expression, and triggers a graduation from “now” into an “updated and better now”.

In other words, it’s the perfect time to “roar” into your best and new self.

What new Moon rituals should I do to manifest positive energy?

To reiterate above, new Moons are known to be dynamic times filled with manifestation, culmination and self-realisation. They invite us to take a minute and reflect on what’s working (or not) in our lives - whether that’s in relation to work, relationships or health - and proceed with change if necessary.

A simple way to take advantage of this special astrological event is by incorporating new Moon rituals into your daily routine.

Here are a few examples of rituals specific to Leo’s new Moon, which can help you manifest and set superb intentions for the next new weeks.

1. Be creative

Let loose and be spontaneous by tapping into your creative side. Let down your barriers and explore a new hobby you’ve been contemplating — you never know, it might end up being your true career calling.

2. Give yourself a full self-care day

Lock in a complete 24 hours where you do nothing but things that make you feel like royalty. Draw yourself a bath, go for a long walk, binge-watch the latest Netflix shows and spend all day wearing your favourite pyjamas. You deserve it.

3. Reassess your social circle

Reassess your social circle by examining those you surround yourself with. Are they taking your ambitions seriously/ Are they supportive of your endeavours? Or are they making you question your self-worth? If it’s the latter, it might be time to make connections with new people.

4. Treat yourself to some sunflowers

The vibrant sunflower is the flower aligned with the zodiac sign Leo. During this new Moon, treat yourself to a joyful bouquet and place them in your bedroom, living room or home office for a boost of good vibes and colour (it also helps knowing yellow is the trendiest colour of 2021).

5. Start a vision board

Get out images, photos, magazine cutouts, inspiring quotes and anything that speaks to or represents your goals. This will help you focus on what you really want to pursue going forward. Want to go a step further? Start a gratitude journal, too.

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