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Staff Picks: Here's Everything in Our New Editor's First Order

Hi everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself the second-best way I know how—by discussing the products I will be ordering with my very first staff order since joining the Bed Threads team. (The number one best way I could introduce myself to you is to discuss, ad nauseam, one or more of the TV shows I'm currently watching, but I'll spare you for now.)

About me: I'm a writer and editor and have worked in magazines for many years. I recently landed this dream gig here at Bed Threads, editing the Journal and writing about fun stuff like the best foreign language shows to help you quit your second screen addiction and the hot new trend making home décor more sustainable.

I've been here for about a month now, but due to chronic and sometimes debilitating indecision, I haven't been able to finalise my first order until this week. And, wow, it's a doozy.

I'll likely be placing another order as soon as my bank account allows, but for now please enjoy the following list of every product in my first staff order at Bed Threads. Let it inspire you to click Add to Cart.

A cashmere throw

Because my house is freezing and I want something chic and luxurious to warm me.

When I found out Bed Threads would be introducing cashmere into the product offering, I got little bit dizzy with excitement. And before I found out exactly what items would be in the range, I confidently suggested to my boss that we should make a cashmere blanket. Obvs, it was of course in the works already and about to land in store. I tossed and turned trying to decide what colour to buy, and almost landed on Olive but decided to go with the 100% Cashmere Throw in Oatmeal, because true neutrals rule my life.

A custom bedding bundle

Because I need new sheets. Plus, how could I work at Bed Threads without sleeping in Bed Threads?

Choosing colours for bed linen has been unnecessarily difficult. Ultimately, any colour combo you choose will look great because all of the colours are so good. I know that now. Nevertheless, I wouldn't trade the expanse of time I spent at the Build Your Own Bundle page testing out so many iterations of colour combos. Those were good times. I nearly landed on all white (lol) but decided at the last minute on a Rosewater and Terracotta combo—because pink is actually a neutral! After years of beige and white bed linen, I'm really excited about my new fairy floss bedroom aesthetic.

A limited edition Hannah Carrick print

Because it's beautiful.

Since I went big with the Rosewater and Terracotta bed linen, I gave myself a pass when choosing between the two exclusive Hannah Carrick x Bed Threads prints, going with the peachy-neutral monochromatic 'Guuurls' instead of the more vibrant 'Spritz'. FYI my birthday is December 5th, in case you feel like gifting me a 'Spritz' to help me complete the set...

Some much needed hair oil

Because it's instant luxury...

...and I haven't visited a salon in 18 months, so my hair is a bit worse for wear. Luckily, the Ayu Ceremony Hair Oil delicious hair oil is making me feel like I could make it a full two years without seeking professional help. It makes my hair feel soft and silky, and has the nicest smell.

A full cashmere ensemble

Because comfort is everything to me.

Anyone who knows me knows that when it comes to clothing I will almost always choose the most beige option, and when I don't it ends up being a huge mistake. Because of this, I'm so glad the beige option in the Bed Threads 100% Cashmere range is a beautiful, warm, buttery, creamy blonde colour that will make sense with my whole hair vibe. Because I'm feeling generous and love a matching ensemble, I lushed out and got both the 100% Cashmere Sweater and the 100% Cashmere Pants. I will live in this outfit.

Ayu Clary Sage Incense Sticks

Because scent is like a holiday for the senses.

With holidays off the table for the time being, I like to use incense to teleport myself mentally and emotionally to the Bali villa I called home for ten days in 2019 (which seems like 20 years ago). We've been burning incense every afternoon here at BT HQ, so I'm on vacation time every day between 2–4pm. It's pretty sweet.

A Sagittarius print

Because I'm a Sagittarius!

I especially love the rainbow in the Seeds of Spells x Sisters Village print. So cheerful! This will go perfectly in my kitchen.

A woman vase

Because it makes me smile.

I always knew my first staff order would include a Rachel Saunders Woman Vase, but—as you can imagine, if you've read this far—deciding which finish I wanted was not so easy. In the end I chose the Opal finish, to give my bedroom décor a shiny new texture to play with.

A Botticelli book

Because it's art, but it's also a book.

In addition to starting a new job I also moved interstate, meaning I've signed a lease with only the essential furniture items and appliances and very few additional "things". I love the cover of this book and can't wait to burn some incense and learn about the holy works of Florentine Early Renaissance legend, Sandro Botticelli one evening after work. Plus, it will look great sitting atop my new giant ottomans that I'm using as a coffee table.

If you've also invested in some 100% cashmere, be sure to read up on how to wash and care for it.

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