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How Entrepreneur Keira Rumble Prioritises Her Health While Juggling Business and Motherhood

Welcome to Bedtime Stories, an interview series where we ask inspiring individuals to share their nighttime routine and sleep secrets – from the beauty products they can’t live without to the tricks they swear by when they’re too tired to function (no coffee needed). For this instalment, mother and founder of Krumbed Foods and Habitual Beauty, Keira Rumble, reveals how she manages to juggle her busy schedule, and still finds the time to stay on top of her physical and mental health.

If there's anyone who knows the importance of prioritising your health, it's Keira Rumble.

At first glance, Rumble's Instagram feed looks like a perfectly curated gallery like any other Instagram influencer, but look a little deeper and she has one of the most complex and inspiring stories. She once had dreams of becoming a professional skier, however, her dreams were shattered after an injury. To cope with the devastation, Rumble turned to food and quickly found herself diagnosed as a pre-diabetic. Since then, she has also been diagnosed with severe endometriosis and has gone through several distressing pregnancy challenges.

However, through years of continuous heartbreak and pain, the inspirational woman has remained optimistic, making it her goal to educate people across the globe on the importance of fertility and health. It's what prompted her to start both her businesses Krumbled Foods and Habitual Beauty, both of which have now become notorious in the wellness sphere.

And in the greatest news, Rumble was able to give birth to a beautiful baby boy in early 2021.

Here, Bed Threads Journal sat down with the awe-inspiring entrepreneur and new mother to find out exactly how she manages to juggle it all and still find the time to prioritise her mental health.

Hi Keira! Welcome to Bedtime Stories. How has your bedtime routine changed since becoming a mother?

So much! My son, Hunter, is still very much a newborn, so we're all navigating a whole new routine and life together. Right now, we're very much focused around his feeding times, which means I'm going to bed later than I used to pre-baby (which used to be around 8pm!).

I have had to relax and really allow myself to not stress over time, especially in the first few weeks, so if that means I go to bed later, I'll start my days later. If I go to bed earlier, I will start my days earlier. I'm really trying to surrender to what he needs, which can be hard when I'm still running three businesses.

Can you walk us through your current bedtime routine?

My bedtime time is all over the place right now but once Hunter gets into more of a routine, I'm hoping we'll get a proper bedtime for us all back into place. For me, my bedtime ritual is either a shower or bath, followed by doing my skincare, making a warm herbal tea, feeding Hunter while snacking on one of my Beauty Bites, popping him down in his bassinet, putting on white noise, then jumping into bed with my dogs and my partner to watch some Netflix.

What sleep or beauty products do you swear by that you won’t go a night without?

I'm a sucker for a silk sleep mask! I can’t sleep without a sleep mask now. I also adore my very own skincare line called Habitual Beauty, which has a beautiful Hydrating Sleep Mask, which is packed with probiotics and makes you wake up with dewy, ultra-hydrated skin!

What is your solution for those nights you simply can’t nod off to sleep?

Getting to sleep doesn’t seem to be an issue right now (hello, sleep deprivation!) but normally, I will focus on my breath and practice box breathing, which helps calm me down and to re-centre my energy.

What time does your alarm go off in the morning? Can you walk us through your morning routine?

Right now, I've turned off my alarms and wake when Hunter wakes. But normally it would be on at 6am, I would then practice Vedic Meditation in bed, followed by dry body brushing and shower, then skincare.

I'm really focusing on ensuring I'm getting enough rest throughout the day in my fourth trimester, staying hydrated and eating as much nutritious food as possible to ensure Hunter and I are healthy.

What are three things (besides coffee) that help when you’re too tired to function?

A face mist, meditation and listening to music.

What do you normally eat for breakfast to kickstart your day?

It varies — I tend to eat the same type of breakfast for a few weeks, then swap it out for something different. Right now I'm loving sprouted gluten-free bread with avocado, goat's cheese, lime and hemp seeds or a collagen-infused creamy rice pudding.

What are your top tips for finding time for self-care?

Start small, even if it's simply putting your phone down and making yourself a cup of tea or coffee. Try and find small pleasures in your day and implement them often. There's no point trying to implement an hour of facial massage and baths every day — it just isn’t realistic. I find it much more realistic setting small goals of self-care that will fill your cup up.

For more from Keira, follow her on Instagram @krumble.

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