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How to Cleanse Your Home of Negativity, Once and for All

Decluttering and keeping your home tidy has never been more important for your physical health and mental wellbeing. If you missed it, we recently talked about how cleaning can boost your mood and relieve feelings of stress.

Sometimes, with the fast pace of our daily lives, we don't even notice some of the negative vibes or items that are lurking in our homes and feeding into our low moods and energy levels.

There are many times in which a cleanse of your home is vital, including when you're feeling unwell, during a major life transition and if you feel like you're stuck in one place at the moment.

Physically and emotionally working through any parts of your home that require your attention can be a therapeutic process that can have amazing results on your overall wellbeing. Here we explain how you can cleanse your own home of negativity this week for a fresh start.

How to cleanse your home of negativity

1. Start with an intention

Before touching, cleaning, or moving anything in your home, start by imagining how you want your home to feel, for yourself and for anyone entering the door. You might want it to be a place of productivity while working from home or a haven for relaxation. Once you identify what's important to you in a home, then you can take actions to get the ball rolling.

2. Open your windows

When we're busy, fatigued or fearful, we tend to close ourselves in, which only breeds more negative energy that's detrimental to our mood and emotions. This is possibly the easiest step in cleansing your home, and all it takes is opening up any windows in the house, as well as doors so that air can naturally ventilate and you can feel the breeze sweep in from outside. You might find that a simple connection to the sounds, sights and scents from outside helps you to instantly gain momentum.

3. Cleanse the air

Some people like to burn herbs like sage in their home to clean the air of negative energy, while others prefer candles, incense or even a fragrant room spray. Whatever you choose to use, make sure your home is well-ventilated and that you take your time, breathing deeply as you take this step. Take a moment to notice how the space feels after the air is clear—you should instantly feel more at peace and focused.

4. Bring in plants

If your home is feeling cold and lacking in love, a simple fresh flower arrangement or a pot plant is the perfect addition. Not only will it give you something positive and productive to focus your energy on, but it's also fostering a connection to nature and filling your room with beautiful fragrance and another living organism. It's like a pet that won't bark at you or need walking.

5. Lemon fresh

Lemons and citrus fruits can have a revitalising quality that's uplifting, so if your home is feeling a bit flat and in need of some positive energy, place a few drops of lemon or citrus oil in a diffuser and let the aroma fill the air. Alternatively, cut up a few slices of fresh fruit and leave them in small dishes around the home. You can also simmer lemon peels in water whereby fragrant steam will permeate throughout.

6. Declutter

It's difficult to feel positive about your home if there are mounds of laundry in every room and clutter that makes it hard to move through the space freely. We recently learned about a great tidying method that uses just fifteen minutes per day to gradually clear a room which doesn't impact greatly on your daily routine or require strenuous amounts of effort.

If you were wondering why cleaning makes us feel good, read about what happens to your brain when you declutter.

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