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7 Air-Purifying Indoor Plants to Improve Wellbeing at Home

Beautiful, stress-relieving and air-purifying—indoor plants have many powers that can enhance our wellbeing at home. We always recommend adding a houseplant or two to any room of your house to foster a connection to the outdoors and brighten the mood, and there's even studies that show that plants are effective at absorbing and purifying toxins in the air. If you're looking to add some life to your own place, we suggest the following indoor plants to lift your spirits and cleanse the air.

1. Calathea

This houseplant is a relative newbie to the scene and is on the rise due to its elegant, striking leaves. Experiment with where to place this one to find the perfect combination of humidity and sunlight. A good sign is that it's starting to grow new leaves.

2. Mother-in-law's tongue

Tough and durable, this houseplant variety is great for anyone who's still working on their green thumb. It's easily available at most nurseries and features a striking vertical shape so it won't take up much space either.

3. Tillandsia

This particular variety of houseplant is possibly the most interesting to look at due to its bold pink or purple centre flower and limb-like leaves. It can survive just about anywhere since it's used to flourishing in arid desert regions in Mexico.

4. Devil's ivy

You can place a devil's ivy just about anywhere in the house as long as you water it regularly. There is really no limit to how far these beauties will grow, with some climbing up walls and over windows, creating an indoor jungle aesthetic. After a while, you can even propagate new plants by cutting off established stems. Bonus plants!

5. Rubber plant

The rubber plant is a statement piece in its own, with deep maroon and almost black leaves that are spaced apart to form a very modern look. The great part about rubber plants is that you can control how large they'll grow by the pot you select—keep it contained in a small planter or pot it up in a large pot and watch it grow like crazy!

6. Monstera deliciosa

This trendy indoor plant has many different names—you might know it as a Swiss cheese plant or even a fruit salad plant. It's easy to see why this particular variety is popular, with glossy tropical leaves that add style to any room. They'll love to soak up your post-shower bathroom mist, as long as they have a pot with enough room to move and adequate sunlight.

7. String of pearls

Don't have a lot of floor space to put your indoor plants? Varieties like the string of pearls are perfectly-suited to a hanging basket or perched high on a shelf to admire the dainty tendrils that cascade so effortlessly. Tip: these delicate plants like a dry atmosphere, so it's best to avoid the bathroom.

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