Stay Here: Live Like a French It-Girl in This Hidden Parisian Apartment

Fact: Paris is the best city in the world. Just the sound of chic locals chatting to each other in French is like ecstasy to me. Touching down in the city of love and romance feels like you've stumbled into an entirely new world where a baguette and a black coffee is as close to brunch as you'll get, and where street style is taken very seriously. A quick wander down the cobblestoned laneways of Le Marais can easily turn into an all-day affair, with boutique fashion and homewares that make you want to rethink your wardrobe and home decor entirely. It's truly impossible to return home without a chic memento from the city, and responding to a friend's enquiry about said new item with "I got it in Paris" is the ultimate power move. Where to stay? We've got just the place. I feel like we're revealing one of Paris' best-kept secrets right now because this Parisian pied-à-terre is like something straight out of a storybook. Pack your bags and brush up on your French, we've found the perfect place to stay in Paris.

This magical apartment is conveniently nestled on a quiet street in Bastille and within five minutes stroll from Le Marais, Marche d'Aligre (farmers/flea market), and the breathtaking and historic Places des Vosges where you'll find the finest examples of 17th-century architecture, manicured gardens, and a supreme place to people-watch. Here, you're perfectly placed to explore everything the city has to offer by foot (the best way to get around). It's the best way to immerse yourself in the habits of the locals, and soon enough you'll feel like you've been here your whole life. This is definitely the apartment that Esméralda would have lived in—it's equal parts whimsical, stylish, and elegant.

From the original wooden chevron floors to the expertly-curated collection of vintage furniture and objects, the spacious apartment looks like something straight out of a storybook. The design style is a perfect combination of minimalism and relaxed French style. Sumptuous linens are draped over daybeds and low-line furniture invites you to get comfortable, with tufted rugs strategically placed to give your toes a soft, warm relief. The bright white space is punctuated with pared-back pastel tones that give the place a romantic and feminine feel throughout. There's actually two separate living spaces to enjoy in this designer pied-à-terre which are filled with worn leather armchairs and originals that pre-date the current rattan craze. If you're up for it, a piano sits patiently in the corner awaiting someone to dust of its keys, and you'll find stacks of books casually placed around the neutral-toned haven, as well as some of the most beautiful oil painting and contemporary art your eyes will ever lay eyes on. Oh, and did we mention the light lilac bathroom complete with a floral chandelier? It's the absolute ideal spot to enjoy a few pages of your favourite book with a glass of France's finest Bordeaux.

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