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7 Australian Artists You Should Be Following (And Shopping) On Instagram

A piece of art to hang on your wall will do wonders for your mood. Art is the ideal way to bring life and personality to any space, rendering it somewhere you love spending time in. When it comes to finding the perfect piece for you, it's actually quite simple. Step one is to browse our range of exclusive prints, featuring artists such as Hannah Carrick and Claudia Miranda. Step two is to fill your Instagram feed with art.

There are more artists than ever documenting their process and promoting their work on social media—you just need to figure out who to follow. Sooner or later inspiration will strike and you'll have made an investment in a piece of art that you will love forever.

Here are seven Australian artists you should be following (and shopping) on Instagram.

Hannah Carrick

The large-scale works by Sydney-based artist Hannah Carrick have grown her a cult following, on Instagram and in real life. "Since I can remember, I have wanted to paint full-time," she says. "It took me a lot of hard work and multiple side jobs to get to this point, but that's all part of the journey." The peach-tones, vibrant blues and warm neutrals in Hannah's work are the ideal way to bring warmth and zest into any space.

Follow Hannah at @hannahcarrick___.

Claudia Miranda

Born in Chile, based in Sydney, Claudia Miranda makes abstract one-line portraits that are simplicity at its finest. The National Arts School graduate and mother rediscovered her love of making art while on maternity leave and is most inspired by nature. "I want to be in the right mindset to bring something beautiful into the world as we are often bombarded with negative things that are going on," she says. "I walk on the beach near my home and on the cliffs. When I have good energy, I start. I want to spread that good energy through my work."

Follow Claudia at @claudiamiranda____.

Kayleigh Heydon

This UK-born Melbourne-based multidisciplinary artist paints bold colours and experimental shapes. "For me, painting is a form of catharsis, a personal battle of boundaries and my natural love for rigidity and clarity," she says. "It’s about pushing myself to break those things down slowly within my work. Letting go and trying new things, loosening myself, my brush strokes, my need for perfection, using different and challenging colours. I would say there’s a clear discourse in my work from past to present. Releasing myself from my rigidity so that I can be more free in my work—and ultimately, in myself, too."

Follow Kayleigh at @kayleigh_heydon.

Lauren Freestone

Based in Newcastle, Lauren Freestone always considered art as a hobby and a way to connect with her dad—celebrated Indigenous artist Lee Freestone. She was selling her paintings to friends and family, but became more serious about it when a Sydney gallery asked to house some of her works. "I have always been a creative person," she says. "I grew up watching my dad paint and exhibit his work. My grandfather made and sold Yidaki and boomerangs at the markets so I guess it has always been a part of me."

Follow Lauren at @freestone_art.

Prudence Caroline

Known as Prudence Oliveri in her personal life and professionally as Prudence Caroline, this Victoria-based artist has become known for her fluid, textural, colourful pieces. You might recognise her from her appearance on home reno show The Block—she and her husband also run a design and construction business currently based in Melbourne's Great Ocean Road.

Follow Prudence at @mynebyprudencecaroline.

Dina Broadhurst

"I have no real system—just a joy for experimenting, experiencing, and immersing myself in my practice," says Dina Broadhurst, who has developed a massive following with her signature fashion-inspired pop-art sensibility and mix media works. "Sometimes my work is instant, sometimes it takes months and sometimes years—a piece will keep transforming into new revised and reworked incarnations. It’s all a process, and I find it deeply meditative."

Follow Dina at @dinabroadhurst and @_casastudio.

Ashleigh Holmes

The fourth in a line of artists—her great grandma, grandma and mum all practised art as a career—Ashleigh Holmes paints large-scale abstract pieces using layered neutrals that are immediately calming to take in. "I have pictures of myself covered in paint at the age of 3 and I knew early on this was something I would pursue," she says.

Follow Ashleigh at @ashholmesart and @ash_holmes.

Caroline Walls

Based in Melbourne, this former designer and art director creates evocative abstract paintings in warm, muted tones. "I have always been a 'doer'," she tells us. "I don't remember a time that I haven't been inspired to create something out of nothing in some way, shape or form."

Follow Caroline at @carolinewallsart.

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