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8 Stylish Bathroom Accessories That Double As Décor

You might consider your bathroom a purely functional space. Shower, toilet, basin: it's the hardest-working room in the house, you might say. It makes sense, then, that the bathroom is often overlooked when it comes to home décor.

But really, the bathroom has the potential to be the most sacred space at home. It is in the bathroom that we perform little acts of self care every morning and every night. Function comes first—what good is a shower without water, or a toilet that doesn't flush?—but by putting some thought into your bathroom's décor you will not only bring it up to par with the rest of your stylish home but also make it a more productive space to spend time in.

Making major updates to any bathroom is no small task, especially if you rent your home. Instead, update your bathroom accessories for a more cost-affordable makeover (that comes with you when you move out).

Create your dream self-care space at home, and remember to keep your bathroom accessories clean and dry, as bacteria thrives in damp environments.

Here are eight ways to instantly elevate your bathroom with accessories.

8 stylish bathroom accessories that double as décor

1. Bath mats

Stepping out of a nice warm shower or bath is difficult at the best of times, but not having a plush bath mat to keep your feet warm and dry is a big no. Our new range of high-quality designs come in a beautiful selection of shades to suit any bathroom style and colour scheme and will add a sophisticated touch. Shop the range now!

2. Towels

Specifically, our 100% French Flax Linen waffle towels in the newly launched Bathe. by Bed Threads. bath range. There are a few reasons you might want to replace your towels, one being hygiene. (Did you know that old towels tend to stay wet longer, making them the perfect breeding ground for bacteria? Anyway.) Skip the beige, brown and white and opt instead for something more bold. Our 100% French Flax Linen Waffle Towels for body, hand and face are naturally moisture-wicking and come in our signature Rust, Turmeric, Olive and Petrol hues. They're lighter and less bulky than your average bath towel, meaning they're space-efficient and easier on your laundry load.

3. Vessels

You want unique, heirloom-worthy creations that make an impact and keep you organised. You might already have just the thing elsewhere in your home. With a bit of available bench space, use ceramic vessels to style yourself a chic yet functional bathroom workspace. Fill a vase with eucalyptus trimmings, or use it to hold your teeth tools (i.e. toothbrush, toothpaste, tongue cleaner). Or, simply leave empty.

4. Skincare

We're talking eco-friendly, non-toxic products housed in highly aesthetic packaging worthy of display. When you finally find a product that a) works, b) is eco-conscious and c) is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, you experience what is called a win-win-win situation. Case in point: the minimalist, earthy design of the Sisters Body range, or the simplistic and chic Alder New York range.

5. Plants

Many of us don't think to bring plants into our bathrooms but they can add much-needed colour to the space. Monsteras love a post-shower mist, and a Boston fern looks right at home hung at eye level. If you're short on space, a petite succulent will do the trick.

6. Platters and trays

No plastic here. Look for sturdy catch-alls made from durable, organic materials—marble, granite, resign, metal or glass. Give your essentials a cosy home atop a marble tray to keep them organised and make it simple to transport them into another room (i.e. when your housemate needs to shower but you need to experiment with seven nearly identical shades of lip colour).

These Caitlin Robson dishes bring an organic touch to your self-care space. Whether styled together or separately, these delicately curved containers are designed to make a statement and help keep you organised.

7. Candles

Not only will candles help set the mood for your ultimate at-home spa experience—or simple daily self-care practice—they'll also work 24/7 as décor. Our Bed Threads Fireside Rosewood Candle is a perfect option to keep on hand.

8. Perfume

A couple of well-placed, well-chosen bottles of fragrance will add a personal touch to one of the more functional parts of your home. Be sure to keep bottles clean and dry, as the bathroom is prone to dampness and mould. Australian fragrance company Ayu's sleek bottles look beautiful on countertops and are calming, effortless and elegant.

Want more bathroom décor hacks? Here are nine landlord-approved ways to update your rental bathroom.

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