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Drum Roll, Please—These Are the Dreamiest Ceramics on Instagram

Ceramicists are enjoying a renaissance, and nowhere is this more evident than on Instagram.

Where once ceramics were largely categorised as either something practical (like a nondescript plate or mug) or totally extra (see: your grandmother’s fine china), they are now entering another domain—art. Blame it on the purchasing power of millennials (that, and the rise of the "sheflie"), but suddenly there's a growing interest in designs that merge functionality and good looks in a whole new way. It's now perfectly acceptable to collect practical objects for no other reason but to display in your home. (And on Instagram.) Ceramics tend to be compact enough to not take up an entire corner or wall, but have the same statement-making power as a larger piece of art. They're also a whole lot more accessible price-wise.

To that end, we've rounded up ten Australian ceramicists who are creating pieces that beautifully blur the line between art and design. Warning: Their Instagram feeds will inspire you—and possibly encourage purchase—so proceed with caution.


Based in Northern NSW, ceramicist Marloe Morgan creates special pieces you've definitely seen on Instagram. Practical and pretty, each item is individually crafted to reflect Morgan's design philosophy of unique, one-offs. Signature techniques, including lava glaze and gloss, highlight the curvy, minimalist nature of her sculptures. Her work is used in designer boutique hotels and restaurants, including the chic Calile Hotel in Brisbane, and it's not hard to see why. Happily, they are also available for your home.


Alex and Trahanas have gone beyond the simple ceramic studio to push their designs into a "lifestyle project". Based in Sydney, they're inspired by travel and the brand also features exclusive objects collected from around Europe. (Their fun, eccentric ceramics have dreamy French Riviera and Amalfi Coast vibes.) Each unique, one-off creation is made in Puglia, Italy, and are equally perfect for an elegant dinner party, or a simple (and solo) bowl of pasta. Foodies will love this account. Expect vanilla cannoli paired with hand-painted teacups, and olives and cheese stuffed into aperitivo bowls. Be prepared to want to book flights to Europe every time a new post pops up.


A Sydney-based ceramicist, Corrie handmakes her pieces in a studio in Chippendale. Each bowl, plate, or vase is a nod to the concept of everyday life being brought to life through unique objects. Expect everything from all-white shell plates and speckled, earthy mugs and bowls (many of which are limited edition) to feature on Corrie's Instagram. She also posts about market days, so you know when and where to find her wares, and personal travel. You'll love the inspirational ideas on how to display your much-loved pieces at home.


Rachel Saunders’ ceramics are complemented by her Instagram presence as she offers insight into the creative world and her lifestyle as a maker. Based in Canada, she handmakes all of her ceramics in a studio on Vancouver Island. Saunders' ceramics mimic feminine curves, literally and figuratively, in the form of vases and voluptuous sculptures. Her latest collection focuses on bringing the old back to life, dotting pieces of broken ceramics over new vases for a terrazzo effect. Her Instagram gives style pointers on fashion and lifestyle so expect major life envy.


Tara Burke creates beautiful, delicate ceramics inspired by ancient pottery. Based in Marrickville, her love of flower arranging informs her work, resulting in pieces perfect for displaying blooms. As such, Burke's Instagram is a joy for both flower lovers and ceramic lovers. Her simple designs are sometimes matched with intricate glazes or left bare to expose the fragile natural clay. Her feed takes on a moody-yet-inviting vibe. She is also a proponent of activism for creatives, inspiring companionship in the arts.


Lisa Ommanney is a London-based ceramicist and artist who creates unusual pieces of art for both flowers and food. Her bowls look like cracked eggs, balancing carefully, while her speckled plates mirror the texture and appearance of duck eggs. The links to nature continue with her exposure of the raw clay on the vessels, marrying her artistic touches with the elements of earth and fire. Her Instagram reveals how, when paired together with a dish or flowers, the ceramics take on a sculptural quality. Ommanney also reveals when new collections drop in her store.


Magnolia Mountain is a ceramic company run by Mark Rose and Maya Santoso that is genuinely one-of-a-kind. They release limited batches of their products that are inspired by cosmic readings and natural phenomenon. You have to sign up to receive updates on when the next collection will be dropped, and they are often sold out within the day of release. Instagram is a great platform to keep an eye on progress as each piece is handmade. Each ceramic cup is dipped with a glistening glaze, and either left to drip down the vessel or rubbed back to expose a raw clay exterior. They duo match words to their ceramics taking you into their travels, thoughts, and concepts.


Coe Studio is an up-and-coming design studio based in Northern Rivers, NSW, and run by ceramist Carly Pascoe. Her minimalist pieces complement a simple philosophy, giving a nod to nature and whimsy. The concept of the fragility of life also features with the Polyp Vessels series born out of Pascoe's interest in coral reef bleaching and climate change. Her Instagram gives not just ceramic inspiration, but also messages of sustainability, and a dreamy all-white aesthetic. The artist also offers sneak previews into her artworks made of clay on canvas.


Mimi Ceramics is all about beautiful one-off pieces that celebrate curves and colour. Texture, shape and form are manipulated into individual pieces of art, that have the added bonus of looking after your flowers or tea. Based in Portland, you can follow the artist Mica’s adventures through ceramics and travel on Instagram. (The bright pops of orange, yellow, and blue are enough to cheer up any gloomy day.) Mica’s plates, mugs, and vases look too perfect to be handmade. However, each piece is hand thrown on the wheel, then hand glazed or decorated, making them all completely unique.

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