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'Mare of Easttown' and 9 Other Shows You Need to Stream in June

We apologise if this is getting repetitive, but we genuinely do believe that TV just keeps getting better and better. Every month brings a fresh crop of binge-worthy shows, and every month we feel like it can’t be topped. (And every month, of course, the next set of shows does exactly that.)

There’s a bumper crop of new things to watch in June and we love them all. From raunchy Netflix romantic dramas to a comedic superhero surprise and a splashy Rose Byrne miniseries coming to AppleTV+, these are the best new shows in June.

Best New TV Shows to Binge-Watch in June 2021

1. Mare of Easttown

Where to watch it: Full season on Binge

If you thought Bridgerton was popular, then you obviously haven't heard of Mare of Easttown. The HBO detective drama series originally premiered back in mid-April, but the last episode only just dropped and has left everyone begging for more. The seven-episode series follows detective Mare Sheehan (hello, Kate Winslet) in a small Pennsylvania town where she investigates a local murder while her life crumbles around her. It explores the dark side of a close community that will leave you on the edge of your seat. With a stellar IMDb rating of 8.6/10, this is a must-watch for anyone obsessed with thrillers.

1. Kung Fu

Where to watch it: 3 June on Binge.

This fun martial arts series stars Olivia Liang as Nicky, a woman who drops out of college and treks to an isolated monastery in China in order to find herself among the Shaolin monks. When she returns to her home in San Francisco, though, she discovers that her family has been targeted by gangs, and she has to fight back to save her loved ones, using all of her newfound kung fu skills.

2. Summertime, season 2

Where to watch it: 3 June on Netflix

Italian series Summertime was a huge hit when it first premiered, and this second season looks set to do the same. Following a young couple as they connect over one long, hot summer, this second season is about picking up where that first season left off. There’s Call Me By Your Name and My Brilliant Friend vibes to this series, what with all the sun-drenched Italian vistas and longing glances over ice cream. Catch up on the first season now before getting stuck into the second season.

3. Intruder

Where to watch it: 3 June on Britbox

Psychological thrillers don’t come more psychological, or thrilling, than Intruder. This British miniseries follows a couple whose perfect life is completely upended when a terrifyingly violent incident occurs one night at a coastal holiday house. How far will this couple be willing to go in order to preserve their dream world? Intruder is all about finding that out.

4. Lisey’s Story

Where to watch it: 4 June on AppleTV+

If horror is your thing, Lisey’s Story is going to be for you. Based on, and adapted, by horror genius Stephen King, this eight episode miniseries has a super stacked cast, including Julianne Moore and Clive Owen, and directed by Pablo Larrain, the man who turned Natalie Portman in Jackie and is currently directing Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana. In short, Larrain is the master of transformations, and expect Moore to be transformed in this, an unsettling tale of a woman stalked by her late husband’s uber-fan.

5. Loki

Where to watch it: 9 June on Disney+

Just quietly, Tom Hiddlston’s Loki was always one of our favourite Marvel characters – even when he was the villain in the Thor movies, even when he was causing all sorts of havoc in the Avengers films. But there’s something about Hiddleston’s performance, and about the weird and magical realm of Loki the trickster, that makes him so compelling. Thank god, then, that the latest Disney+ series focuses entirely on him. But this show is unlike anything that Marvel has done previously, including Wandavision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and with direction from Sex Education lead Kate Herron, it feels like something totally fresh and new for the superhero genre.

6. Lupin, part 2

Where to watch it: 11 June on Netflix

Lupin was the surprise hit of the summer: a feel good, family friendly jaunt through Paris starring the charisma magnet Omar Sy as Assane Diop, a young man trying to find out the truth about his father’s death by imitating their beloved Arsene Lupin, a famous gentleman thief who is legendary in the world of French literature. The first half of Lupin’s premiere season ended on a major cliffhanger – and if you haven’t seen it yet, we won’t spoil it here, so that you have a chance to catch up and be prepared for season two. Alons-y!

7. Eden

Where to watch it: 11 June on Stan

Stan’s latest original series was shot up in Byron Bay, and stars a brace of exciting young Australian talent including BeBe Bettencourt (The Dry) and Sophie Wilde (Bird), who lead the series as two friends, one of whom has left their beachy hometown Eden to attend a prestigious New York performing arts school, and returns home one holiday to find that everything has changed immeasurably. This will be Australian noir at its very best, and with an all-female creative team, we couldn’t be more excited.

8. Physical

Where to watch it: 18 June on AppleTV+

Rose Byrne stars in Physical, a dark comedy that pokes fun at the world of wellness, the world of lifestyle gurus, and the culty world of videotape exercise magnates. Think of this as a loving satire of the pre-Goop-y Goop era, complete with a wonderfully recreated ‘80s setting: Byrne wears a lot of metallic lycra and sports a fetching perm throughout the miniseries. We’ll definitely be bingeing this one as soon as it drops.

9. Sex/Life

Where to watch it: 25 June on Netflix

Billie has it all: a gorgeous husband, a sprawling Connecticut mansion, two beautiful children. The only problem is that her gorgeous husband won’t sleep with her, and Billie’s sexual frustration is taking over her life. This very, very raunchy Netflix series is based on a bestselling and anonymous memoir about a woman in the exact same position. And given the sheer amount of sex scenes in the first episode alone, this series is guaranteed to start conversation. Expect this one to be in the most-viewed section of Netflix the second it drops.

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