A guide to sleeping in the city that never sleeps

| By Alex Wisbey | Journal

The 10 Most Wish-Listed Airbnbs in New York City Are as Stylish as You’d Expect

A guide to sleeping in the city that never sleeps

Hailed as the city that never sleeps, New York generates a buzz like no other. Captivating travellers and wanderlusters for centuries, it has dominated bucket lists long before Carrie Bradshaw purchased her first pair of Manolos.

An iconic pop culture backdrop, New York is a star in its own right. With a spellbinding energy and an enigma that’s impossible to match, it’s a ‘must see’ metropolis.

If you’re lucky enough to visit, prepare to lose yourself to the magnetic pull of bustling streets, delicious eats, vibrant culture and unforgettable entertainment.

And, when it’s time to retreat, be sure to find yourself a dreamy home away from home. We’ve shortlisted the Top 10 Most Wishlisted New York City Airbnb’s, because, if you plan to sleep in the city that never sleeps, you need to make it count.

So, set the mood with Sinatra, cosy up with a cosmopolitan and get ready to find your empire state of mind.

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