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6 Wellness Accounts On Instagram That Will Inspire Your Health Kick

If you’re lacking motivation on the wellness front, or have hit the mid-year slump, we hear you. It’s hard to maintain habits over long periods of time, and the winter months are always the trickiest moments when your drive and perseverance start to slip.

One of our favourite ways to maintain your wellness motivation and keep on that health kick is to up our Instagram follower game. By adding some new wellness accounts to your roster, you’ll find your feed flooded with positive vibes and helpful tips every time you go for a scroll. What’s more, each of these accounts are run by Aussies, meaning that you’re helping local creatives with each follow and every like, too.

Here are some of our favourites.

Allira Potter

As an Aboriginal woman working in the wellness space, Allira Potter realised that this field is overwhelmingly white and privileged. This psychic, healer and meditation teacher wants to change that, and she’s using both her Instagram account and her lessons on the Bloom wellness app as a way of doing so. Her account is welcoming and inclusive, a place for all people to feel like they can be a part of a space that has, at times, been restricted for so many.

Follow her and you’ll be part of a wellness tribe that truly feels inclusive for all. Plus, as she puts it, her psychic readings are “blunt and lit af”, so you know you’re going to want to get one for yourself. But you’ll have to be quick: Potter is already booked out for the next two months.

Jono Steedman

Trust us, you’ve never met a nutritionist quite like Jono Steedman. Known as the ‘guyetician’, this Instagrammer has a no-bullshit approach to content, ensuring that he talks to his followers about food as simply, and honestly as possible. Take, for example, a recent post featuring Steedman in the bath, holding aloft a sprinkle-covered donut. The idea of the post was to show how notions of ‘good’ and ‘clean’ foods (and, conversely, ‘bad’ and ‘dirty’ ones) is such a dangerous concept. “You could ditch this dumb phrase,” he wrote in the caption. “Instead, try having foods that you eat all the time, and foods that you eat sometimes. How much nicer does that sound?” We couldn’t agree more.

Rochelle Fox

Chances are, you’re already following Rochelle Fox. The Instagrammer has an enormous following, all of whom are tuned in to her instructional content around meditation and mantra-based exercises. Most of her posts feature words of wisdom and teachings enshrined in graphic tiles, meaning that they can easily be saved through Instagram, for ease of practice. And once you follow Fox, make sure to follow her meditation school Mindspo, where you can sign up to try her guided classes for yourself.

Naomi Chrisoulakis

Naomi Chrisoulakis’ business as a postpartum doula is currently on hiatus for a very apt reason: she’s about to give birth to her second child. But that doesn’t mean that this Instagram account is going to be any less useful for anyone looking for supportive and non-judgemental content in the maternity and postpartum space. Chrisoulakis is dedicated to ensuring that women are nurtured and cared for in what is known as the ‘fourth trimester’, or the period after a baby is born. Follow her on Instagram for more information, or listen to her podcast Tales From The Fourth Trimester, which features interviews with famous mothers including Megan Gale or tips about managing money as a parent, courtesy of a financial advisor.

Lyndi Cohen

She’s known as the nude nutritionist, a nod to the fact that she wants to help people strip back concepts of nutrition to the basics, helping everyone to be not only comfortable but confident in their bodies. Lyndi Cohen’s mantra is authenticity: follow her feed for honest and vulnerable conversations around food, nourishment and body image.

Luke McLeod

If you’ve ever felt like meditation just wasn’t for you, Luke McLeod wants to change that. This teacher uses Instagram to share his message of everyday mindfulness with the world, hoping to inspire all who follow him to try meditation for themselves. McLeod’s account is dedicated to simplicity. He’s all about the five-minute breathing exercise, the meditation that can be done from bed, the easy mantras to show yourself some self-love. The quicker the better, because that way you can easily introduce mindfulness into your daily routine and make this way of life yours, too.

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