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Exactly What to Buy Every Person on Your Christmas List, According to Their Star Sign

Gift giving can be a challenge, and whether you're a fervent astrology follower or quite the opposite, one thing we can't deny is that a few suggestions on what to give your family and friends is always helpful. 

To help you discern what an ideal present might look like for you or your loved one, why not look to the zodiac? From sleepwear to art, here is our round-up of gifts ideas to give according to the lucky receiver's star sign.

What to Buy Every Person on Your Christmas List, According to Their Star Sign

Leo (23 July to 22 August)

Mafalda Vasconcelos x Bed Threads 'Rosa' Print

Leo's are extraordinarily strong willed and bold, and our exclusive collection of prints made in collaboration with Mafalda Vasconcelos exudes just that. These colour-drenched portraits celebrate the feminine spirit and will instantly enrich a space and make a vibrant statement.

Virgo (23 August to 23 September) 

Sheet Set in White

Virgos sometimes have a tendency to be perfectionists and find beauty in things that are simple yet refined. So what better colour can serve even the most particular of palettes? Our sheet set in White is sure to go down a treat. 

Libra (24 September to 23 October)

 Waffle Robe in Lavender

Known for their cosy and friendly personalities, what better gift for our Libra friends than a snug robe? Our Lavender colourway offers the perfect dreamy tone for the creative Libran and will make their everyday routine feel like a day at the spa.

Scorpio (24 October to 22 November)

Scalloped placemats and napkins in Lavender & Petrol

The mysterious allure of the Scorpio is perfectly encapsulated in our scalloped placemats and napkins in Lavender & Petrol; deep and beautiful with a touch of enigma. These delightful tableware pieces will give any dining in experience a serious update.


Sagittarius (23 November to 21 December)

Linen throw in Sage

Sagittarians will love the soothing power of our Sage linen throw. This calming tone will perfectly soothe the adventurous soul of a Sagittarius and provide an extra layer in winter or a substitute for a duvet in summer.


Capricorn (22 December to 20 January)

Midi dress in Charcoal

Our chic midi dress in Charcoal is perfectly suited to the sophisticated nature of Capricorns. Fashioned from breathable, temperature-regulating flax linen to keep you cool and cosy in bed all night long, this comfortable design plays to a Capricorn’s practical nature while also being extra cute.

Aquarius (21 January to 19 February)

Bedding Set in Olive

The unique, delightful, and thoughtful Aquarians need a grounding, tranquil place to lay their heads and our bedding set in Olive will do just the trick for your air sign friends. Olive is a harmonising hue for the ever-busy mind of the brilliant Aquarius. 

Pisces (20 February to 20 March)

Tablecloth in Terracotta

Warm tones are sure to be loved by a peaceful Pisces and our Terracotta colourway offers an energy of Earthy grounding with otherworldly beauty. Pisces are said to enjoy respite from the outside world and this linen tablecloth in Terracotta is a wonderful foundation to a dreamy dinner table setting at home.

Aries (21 March to 20 April)

Claudia Miranda x Bed Threads 'Unconditional Love' Print

Artist Claudia Miranda is interested in 'the moment when movement meets stillness' which she explores in her one line artworks. This concept makes for a fitting connection to the wildly active Aries who might be in need of a moment to stop and pause. This work of art is about closeness and conversation, a reflection of Arians who are known for being loyal and faithful to their friends.

Taurus (21 April to 21 May)

Rachel Saunders Woman Vase in Terracotta

This one-of-a kind vase of a feminine figure speaks to a Taurus' way of moving through the world with determination, honour, and a genuine sense of self. Made using natural, sustainable materials, this clay vessel with an unglazed exterior reflects the inherent power of the female body.

Gemini (22 May to 21 June)

Waffle Bath Towel in Oatmeal

A Gemini's highly active creativity and intellect means they may be in need of some calm vibes. Help them create a a spa-like bathroom experience at home with our ultra-plush waffle towel in Oatmeal. Oatmeal offers peaceful energy and the perfect environment to journal their late-night wonderings.

Cancer (22 June to 22 July)

European pillowcases in Mineral

Sensitive, homebodies, and emotionally intelligent, a Cancer’s home is their sanctuary from the world. Comforting decor will speak to these sensitive souls and our Euro pillowcases in Mineral will effortlessly elevate any space and offer a soft spot for a Cancer to emotionally recharge.

Not sure what self-care practice you should try next? To help, here's the wellness ritual that's best for your star sign.

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