These beachside retreats exude soothing aesthetics.

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Bask in the Serenity of These 9 Coastal Homes

These beachside retreats exude soothing aesthetics.

When we’re asked to close our eyes and think of a happy place, most of us will think of the beach or some sort of coastal setting. Maybe it's the sound of lapping waves that lulls us to sleep or the peaceful energy that comes with having sand between your toes and a clear view of the horizon that makes a coastal escape our happy place. Either way, the lifestyle that comes with coastal living is a highly sought after one.

For those who wish to recreate the soothing vibe that the beach emanates in their home, they follow the interior design choice that is coastal styling. Drawing inspiration from the natural landscape, this aesthetic incorporates natural materials, neutral hues, and plenty of light. With beige wooden tones and natural materials including linen, wicker, and stone being at the forefront of this popular design style, it’s no surprise that coastal style continues to be a well-loved aesthetic.

We’ve been lucky enough to tour an abundance of relaxing coastal homes through The Makers Series, here are some of our favourites.

Coastal Homes

1. Lucy Henry-Hicks Chic Coastal Home

Situated on the white sands of the Gold Coast, Dissh founder and director Lucy Henry-Hicks' gorgeous home nods to coastal interior styling. In the same vein as the clothing brand she manages, there is a thread of elegant understatement woven throughout her coastal abode. Lucy has combined an array of different natural materials to beautifully bring her home to life.

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2. The Luxury Coastal Home of Jenn Bliss

Talm Beach House, located in Anna Bay, Port Stephens, is the epitome of coastal living and laidback-luxe style. Brought to life by interior designer Jenn Bliss, this accommodation celebrates the best of coastal living and is the ultimate beach escape. Neutral tones consisting of beige and white make the base of the homes interiors while accents of blue and green bring life to the space.

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3. Sophie Pearce’s Beautiful Family Home

Sophie Pearce’s gorgeous family home on Cabarita Beach features different types of interior styling. With coastal being the overarching ‘theme’ for this home, there are also elements of industrial design and ‘70s styling. The home mainly showcases neutral, earth-toned hues which are broken up with vibrant pops of green in the form of throw pillows, houseplants and artworks.

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4. Tim Neve’s Coastal Airbnb: The Lake Haus

Interior stylist Tim Neve’s Airbnb located in Smiths Lake, on the Mid-Coast of New South Wales is beautifully executes modern coastal styling. This gorgeous home seamlessly integrates an array of natural textures and materials to create a blissful finished product. If you’re looking for a coastal getaway The Lake Haus is available to rent out for a night or five through Airbnb.

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5. Justine Cullen’s Timeless Palm Beach Home

Swathed in predominantly white, editor Justine Cullen’s Palm Beach abode is fresh and timeless. This beautiful family home’s interior colour palette is led by neutrals however, the home is filled with plenty of character with its stained glass windows, exposed rafters, and coastal-style finishes.

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6. Zoe Dent’s Hidden Northern Beaches Tree House

Wandering Sol founder Zoe Dent has created the perfect coastal oasis in her home on Sydney's Northern Beaches. The white-washed floors and walls provide the perfect backdrop for the neutral colours and natural textiles that fill the space. Leather chairs and wooden side tables carry on the earthy vibes, while big windows make the house feel like the perfect junction of the inside and the outside world.

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7. Sophie Nolan’s Refined Coastal Home

The gorgeous home of ceramicist Sophie Nolan goes to show how much impact interior styling can make when minimal colour is used. This elegant home exudes modern coastal luxury, with stark white walls meeting stark white floors, and black and grey accents bringing depth and contrast to the space. A minimal palette extends throughout each room, as Sophie’s fluid forms adorn surfaces and shelves.

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8. Kara and Kyal Demmrich’s Dream Beach House

Power couple Kara and Kyal Demmrich have created the ultimate dream beach house in Bateau Bay. Sliding glass doors run along the length of one side of the house, opening up the living areas into the garden and palm-shaded pool. High ceilings usher in plenty of light and leave space for a spectacular curved staircase connecting the floors.

Take a tour of the home.

9. Kendall Knox’s Relaxed Venice Beach Home

Publicist Kendall Knox’s Venice Beach pad, is lined with windows and hardwood floors, along with an impressive mint green bathroom, and views over the trees. The light-flooded space is filled with natural fibres, soft textiles, a mixture of different textures and antique pieces. The colour palette is muted and cosy, leaning heavily on sage green, classic oatmeal and white, with little touches of turmeric.

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