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How To Detox Your Bedroom In 15 Minutes Flat

Your bedroom is the room where you spend the most time, even if the majority of it is while you're asleep. It makes sense that extra care and attention should be giving to this room in your home to make sure that it's as calming as possible to facilitate downtime and long, interrupted nights of rest. Without knowing it, and in the midst of the daily responsibilities of being an adult, many of us can inadvertently introduce clutter and routines that don't serve us on a holistic level. Detox is the new tidy, and we're committed to helping you freshen up your bedroom in just fifteen minutes because, like you, we love a speedy cleaning routine.

Let fresh air in

Sometimes when I'm feeling a bit closed in or stuffy, the simple action of opening doors and windows instantly soothes my mind. Fresh air can do wonders for detoxing your bedroom to alleviate odours and has even been shown to boost serotonin levels (your mood). Do this before you begin any cleaning to set the mood and clear the air naturally.

Wash your sheets

If it's been a couple of weeks between washes, strip your bedding and give it a cycle in the washing machine to remove any built-up dirt and dust. We all know the feeling of slipping into freshly-washed sheets, so you have that to look forward to. It's something that can easily slip our minds, but the thought of bacteria rubbing against our face at night is enough to keep a strict washing schedule. If you've got pure linen sheets, air dry them for best results.

Light a candle

If you're like me, you have a bit of a candle collection going on. Surprisingly, I often forget I even have them, but when I remember to light one my mood instantly lifts and the calming effect of my favourite scent is powerful. When you're in the process of detoxing your bedroom, motivate yourself by lighting a candle or using an oil diffuser to spark joy.

Wipe your leaves

Just like we clean our bodies every day, our houseplants require a tune-up every now and then to keep them feeling and looking their best. It's not just an aesthetic issue either—gently wiping the leaves of your houseplants reduces the chance that pests will inhabit the plant and removes dust and grime that you definitely don't want near your bed at night.

Remove electronics

If you're not feeling at peace in your own bedroom, consider anything that might be standing in the way of you and some zen time. From Tik Tok's addictive algorithm to Netflix's newest binge-worthy series, our phones and electronics can get in the way of achieving our best sleep so it might be time to move them to a different room at a certain time each night. All you really need on your bedside table is a glass of water and a good book.

Clear the floor

Clothes, cords, bags—everything needs to be put away to get your bedroom back to its serene self. It's inevitable that the bedroom floor will accumulate stray items throughout the week, but if you make it a habit to pick them up as you go, you won't feel so overwhelmed on a Sunday when all you'd rather do is take a nap. We're visual people, and the less distractions in our view will mean we naturally feel more calm and are more likely to spend time in that space.

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