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Drumroll, Please—These Are The Most Inspiring Emerging Artists On Instagram Right Now

Is your Instagram feed looking a little tired? The same sunsets and puppy pictures circulating on an endless loop? We've got the fix—our list of supremely talented emerging artists. No matter the subject matter or preferred medium, these artists will fill your home page with inspiring content that'll satisfy your scrolling urges.

Jordana Henry (@jordi_pordi)

Exploring the idea of both strength and fragility, Jordana's large-scale mixed-media works employ fluid forms juxtaposed with bold lines and textures to convey shape, emotion and the female figure in a unique way.

Hannah Nowlan (@hannahnowlan)

Each of Hannah's artworks tells a story. Long, uninterrupted lines meet to depict the peaks and valleys of the vast Australian landscape. Her clever use of colour, in particular, deep reds and moody teals will leave you mesmerised.

Emma Hollingsworth (@mulganai)

Drawing on her childhood spent by the coast, Emma's works are powerful, with details that could lure you in for hours. Hot pink and bright teal tones contrasts with black and white elements to create paintings that are steeped in tradition and contemporary all at once.

Nicolette Nadimi (

Effortlessly effective in capturing the human form in all its glory, Nicolette's pieces are observational in nature, as though they've been created from one uninterrupted stroke of a pencil. With brown paper as a backdrop, her figures are brought to life with highlights of white and the careful addition of rich, warm colours.

Bobby Clark (@bobbyclark____)

Bobby's paintings are defined by clean shapes that balance on each other to create geometric totems. Her technique allows for beautiful paint gradients to appear, giving the shapes a sense of depth and character. Expect to see midnight blues, a signature terracotta, and dark khaki tones throughout.

Ash Holmes (@ashholmesart)

Working with a nature-inspired palette of soothing greens and warm pinks, Ash's paintings are layered to reveal multiple focal points and subjects within. You'll find native Australian flowers, female figures and dreamy abstract landscapes within her vast portfolio.

Holly Rhodes (@hollyrhodes_)

Both ethereal and strong, Holly's works depict beautifully-rendered figures set amongst heavenly landscapes. A golden glow is prominent throughout her paintings, giving the subjects a youthful radiance.

Giorgia Bel Atelier (@giorgiabelatelier)

With a background in interior design, Giorgia's acrylic and oil paintings have a distinct mood about them. From moonlit ocean baths to a traditional still life, her signature style resonates no matter the subject.

Alexandria Park (ajpstudio_)

Alexandria is a master at transporting you to a certain place and time. Her European series captures the essence of travel, exhibiting iconic destinations in their purest form. Park's work also includes line drawings, with faces that have been brought to life with her skilled eye and simplistic palette.

Clara Adolphs (@clara.adolphs)

Clara has the rare talent of being able to take everyday moments and turn them into fascinating works of art. Her subjects may be simple; a swimming pool or a man under a tree, but it's her loose style and vivid use of colour that gives them importance and allows us to look at them in a new light.

Esther Eckley (@esthereckley)

Esther's still life oil paintings are, put simply, beautiful. Completely cohesive and balanced, her body of work is an ode to pastels and the simple things in life—a pot of coffee or a freshly sliced orange.

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