Stay Here: This Eco-Friendly Resort in Crete Is a Modernist Paradise

If you're already planning your next getaway for the year, look no further. Located on the coast of Crete, this sustainable boutique-style hotel is everything you'll ever need to rejuvenate your mind and body. Cretan Malia Resort was meticulously renovated less than two years ago and leads the charge when it comes to easy luxury living. It's more than just a place to rest your head; in fact, the abundance of top-notch facilities scattered throughout the lush Mediterranean grounds make it possible to never leave the premises. No matter where you are, you'll always catch a glimpse of the azure Aegean Sea that glistens like a dazzling crystal.

Life in the town of Malia is kept to a slow pace. You won't take long to adjust to your new lifestyle, especially when you've got a choice of three glistening pools that allow you to soak up the Grecian sun all day long. If remaining active is a priority for you, there are several leisurely options including basketball, tennis and even beach volleyball. For some quiet reflection, a dedicated library is available to truly unwind. For those who just can't help but check a few emails while on holiday, co-working spaces have been designed to provide you with world-class vistas while you work. From every suite or bungalow on offer in the resort you'll be treated to a stunning view of some sort, whether it's the rolling hills in the distance or the endless blue ocean. The hotel's sustainability commitment honours the Mediterranean notion of responsible living and should help you sleep a little bit easier at night. From a waste management plan to sustainable landscaping without pesticides, Cretan Malia Park is leading the charge when it comes to reducing their environmental impact.

The charm of this Greek island is undeniable when staying at Cretan Malia Park. There are rows upon rows of olive trees and picturesque postcard moments at every turn. A wander through the town will lead you to some of the most awe-inspiring archaeological museums in the world and ancient ruins that make time stand still. The renovation of the resort was completed by Vana Pernari Architecture Studio who have successfully turned this site into a sleek, modernist destination for discerning travellers. From the dynamic concrete exterior to the warm, atmospheric interiors, the vibe here is spot on. Part bohemian, part minimalist, traditional materials are celebrated and include walnut, bamboo, ceramics and brass. There are pops of mustard, green, blue and orange to provide a touch of zest to the otherwise earthy palette. The spaces at this sustainable resort feel polished but still retain that very particular Cretan spirit that lets you explore your very own Greek fantasy.

Images courtesy of Design Hotels.

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