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Artist Em McLeod’s Abstract Paintings Ask Us to Explore Our True Selves

There's no easier way to enliven your home than by adorning your walls with showstopping art. And thankfully, there’s no shortage of incredible talent when it comes to Australian artists to purchase beautiful art from.

Emerging artist Em McLeod is one such example, and she's creating intuitive, free-flowing compositions that are sure to spruce up your abode. The Byron Bay-based painter's abstract works, which she primarily paints with tonal acrylics, are inspired by the female form and celebrate divine beauty.

In true creative style, Em has worked across a range of fields during her career including interior design, fashion, photography, and writing. However, it was art, specifically drawing and painting, that she discovered was where her true passion lies and where she has now channelled her creative energy. "My greatest desire through my artwork is to encourage others to deeply nurture and connect to their truest self," she shares with Bed Threads Journal.

In an exciting collaboration with Bed Threads, Em has created seven exclusive artworks that will elevate your home's interior. Each print in this limited edition collaboration features a goddess chosen for her empowering qualities and serves as a reminder to connect with your inner being. 

To celebrate the launch of our exclusive collaboration with Em McLeod, we spoke to the artist about her creative process and how art relates to her personality and who she is.

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Em McLeod x Bed Threads 'Athena' Print

Hi Em! We're so excited to have your artwork at Bed Threads. Can you tell us how your art relate to your personality and who you are?

Each painting in this collection is an empowering goddess; a guiding presence reminding me to connect to my inner being; to surrender to fear; (something that has held me back for years) to bravely release my innate gifts with the world.

I find when I allow the time to nurture my creativity, I am constantly enthralled by the divine beauty that exists all around us, in each of us and in everything that exists. Such aligning moments are when I feel my spirit radiating pure love and harmony.

Tell us about your career journey to date. Did you always know you wanted to pursue this line of work?

I’ve worked in creative fields most of my career from interior design, fashion, photography, and writing, although it was thoroughly enjoyable I always sensed I hadn't quite found my passion. I ignored that inner feeling for years and kept dabbling in different creative projects, trying to find the missing link. I finally decided to take some much needed time off to find the path that would light my spirit.

I slowly began to invest in my creativity writing poetry and dedicating time to drawing and painting. Investing time in these practices illuminated my spirit and gave me a strong sense of purpose. I bravely released my first body of work (which was so confronting as it was such a personal side of myself) but my pieces began to sell (helping my confidence) and then magic started to flow, like this incredible collaboration with Bed Threads.

What motivates you to create?

Allowing time to connect to my creative spirit. I’ve learnt that nurturing my creativity drives my desire to inspire others to connect to their inner self.

Talk us through your creative process. Where do you start?

I’m very inspired by the female form, I start by drawing curvaceous shapes until I see figures coming to life. Once I’m happy with the form I start playing with acrylic paint combinations, once the colours are locked in I begin painting. When the painting is finished intrinsically the name and meaning behind each piece naturally flow out of me onto paper. I absolutely love every process.

What was the inspiration behind this collection of artworks?

My greatest desire through my artwork is to encourage others to deeply nurture and connect to their truest self. I’d love for the viewer to fall in love with one of these goddesses, look at her throughout the day and feel empowered to chase their greatest desires.

Who are your biggest artistic influences?

I love the complexity and empowerment of female artists Frida Kahlo and Del Kathryn Barton, the simplicity of Jean Hans Arp, and the spirituality of Thelma af Klint. I’m also incredibly inspired by Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse.

Can you tell us a bit about why you think art is important to society?

Art can affect the fundamental sense of self, it’s imagery, voice and sounds can influence society by changing opinions, instilling values and expressing different cultural beliefs over time. It advocates social change and evokes all types of emotions within the viewer and can often inspire communities to unite for change.

For more from Em, follow her at @em.mcleod 

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