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Fairycore Is 2021's Answer to Cottagecore, According to TikTok

When the world was hit with the global pandemic, we all turned to baking banana bread, tablescaping and to tie this all in, Cottagecore interiors. The trend, which was crowned Pinterest and TikTok’s top interior trend of 2021, offered a form of warm escapism far removed from the chaos of the world, and helped mimic the essence of an imagined life in the countryside to help make urban life more habitable.

However, as we turn our attention to the glow of the future and keep our fingers crossed life will return to some normality in the near future, it seems as though there’s a new trend du jour evolving: meet Fairycore.

Here’s everything you need to know about this ethereal interior trend.


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What is Fairycore?

According to Pinterest’s August 2021 trend report, searches for ‘fairy aesthetic’ quadrupled in 2021 and there were six times more searches for ‘fairycore’ in the past year. Moreover, Instagram has over 736k posts tagged with #fairycore while TikTok has 674.6 million #fairycore views and 18.4 million #fairycoreaesthetic views.

So, what does this aesthetic involve?

This optimistic style is nature-inspired just like its predecessor but it’s intertwined with more mysticism in the form of glitter, crystals, pastels, mushrooms and lots of florals.

“The Fairycore aesthetic is about what is possible and magical,” interior designer Anna Giannis tells Bed Threads Journal. “At the moment, people all over the globe are living under so many rules and restrictions right now that escaping into a fairy magical provides some hope.”

Giannis adds: “It’s a playful, romantic aesthetic and it’s all about adding a sprinkle of magic into your everyday life, which is something we all definitely need right now.”

Although Giannis says there are no rules when it comes to Fairycore aesthetic, it doesn’t necessarily mean more is more (let’s be honest, not everyone wants to feel like they’re living in a magical hollowed-tree home). Executing the look is actually incredibly simple (and can be tasteful) if you sprinkle a few magical elements here and there.

How to Decorate Your Home With a Fairycore Aesthetic

1. Try pastels

“Use soft pastels in your abode to keep things light and breezy,” Giannis explains. Think pastel pinks, yellows, blues and greens. For example, in the bedroom try bed sheets in Rosewater, Lilac or Sage. “Remember, it’s all about being ethereal, so focus on beautiful aesthetics that look delicate.”

2. Play with mirrors

“Create a magical playful space by hanging two pieces of artwork on a wall with a mirror in between to create a magical look.”

3. Go wild with plants

Now is your time to start that indoor jungle you’ve been thinking about. Hang greenery baskets from the ceiling, fill your window sill with pots and cacti, go big with a potted Monstera or Bird of Paradise, or style your own jars with wild flowers. The world is really your oyster when it comes to indoor plants.

4. Search for vintage treasures

Mix old with the new, and even “raid your mother’s or grandmother’s vitrine to find hidden trinkets and treasures.”

5. Look towards art

“Find an artwork that is dreamy and place it in a position where you can look at it for hours on end, almost getting lost in that magical faraway land.”

6. Hang elegant sheers

“Make your space romantic by hanging flowing elegant sheers in your bedroom or lounge room, which will frame your window and create the most perfect setting.”

Giannis notes that you want to have your sheers made 10cm longer than your window drop to create a fairytale look (and also create the illusion of a bigger room and window).

7. Utilise lace

Lace might not be your style, but it can be used in more subtle ways. For example, “a lace cushion on your bed or your sofa mixed with a velvet one will achieve an understated Fairycore aesthetic.”

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