How to Style Your Living Room for Good Luck, According to a Feng Shui Master

When it comes to our home's design, it's safe to say that we not only want it to look good, but we want it to feel good as well. The way a room is styled can have a significant effect on how we feel e.g. clutter and disorganised furniture placement can have a negative impact on our moods and exposure to natural light can have a positive impact on our psychological wellbeing. 

Our living rooms are one of the most used areas of the home where we relax and socialise, so it's well worth designing this space to be functional and pleasant to be in. This is where Feng Shui can be useful. This ancient Chinese art is all about designing spaces with the right energy flow and setting up your home for success and abundance. The traditional practice is centred around using energy forces to harmonise individuals with their surrounding environment.

To get it right, we turned to Feng Shui Master and founder of Feng Shui Concepts, Jane Langof who has spent 14 years studying the art. Below, she outlines her top tips for styling your living room to bring the good vibes in.

How to Feng Shui Your Living Room

1. Identify your focal point

Consider what is the main focal point of your living room. Ask yourself whether this supports the vision you have for your lifestyle. If you value quality family time, consider making beautiful artwork the first thing you see when you walk into your living room, and move the TV to a less visible place.

2. Position your sofa

Set up lounges in an L-shape if the room allows, as this is conducive to friendly and open discussion. Sofas directly facing each other are in an oppositional layout, which can energetically lead to conflict.

If possible, place the most frequently used sofa against a solid wall as this provides support and protection to people sitting there.  If this cannot be done, place a console table behind the sofa, and arrange accessories on top to exceed head height.

3. Fill the space with items you love

Decorate with the things you love, and remove anything that gives you a negative vibe, such as clutter and unwanted gifts. It’s important to connect positive feelings with the objects in your home, as this will enhance your mood whenever you walk in.

4. Lay down a rug

Use a rug to visually anchor living room furniture. Opt for a larger rather than smaller rug to define the space and make your living area feel spacious.

5. Yin and yang is key

Balance yin and yang with different forms of lighting to bring a pleasant ambience to your living space. Lighting can be functional and decorative, and lamps create a cosy atmosphere.

6. Fresh energy

Bring fresh energy into the space with natural lighting and ventilation by opening curtains and windows. Spring cleaning will clear away stagnant energy that energetically makes you feel drained.

7. Rethink your colour palette

In Feng Shui we use the 5 elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. The best colours to use are dependent on which elements are needed according to the Feng Shui energy map of your home. This is like a horoscope that indicates where the positive and negative energy sectors are. This is unique for each property and dependent on the orientation and building date of your home.  

In general, I avoid the colour red in large expanses such as sofas, rugs and feature walls. The colour red represents the Fire element which can amplify negative energy, and changes over time according to the lunar cycles. Neutral, peaceful colours are the safest bet.

8. Connect with nature

Create a connection with nature with the placement of a plant. Opt for hardy, air filtering plants like zanzibar and peace lilies. My personal favourites are fiddle leaf figs, maidenhair ferns and phalaenopsis orchids. 

9. Add a mirror

Mirrors add light, movement and yang energy to a space. Ideally, they should reflect something attractive, such as beautiful artwork or a pleasant view.

For more expert information on the art of Feng Shui follow Jane at @fengshuiconcepts and at fengshuiconcepts.com.au

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