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How I Transformed My Bedroom into My Dream Sleep Sanctuary

I've always been someone who has had a great appreciation for interior design and the impact that a well put together space can have on how you feel. I love how the way someone has decorated and set up their home can say so much about them. It can reflect their life stage, style, and the things they care about. And as the editor of Bed Threads Journal I've become particularly aware of how true this sentiment is for your bedroom.

For me, my bedroom has always been the one area of the home that feels completely mine and like I can really do whatever I want with it. Because this is such an intimate space and I spend so much time here, I have also noticed how much the aesthetic of this space and the things I put in it impacts my mood. 

My love for design in combination with my role at Bed Threads and me being a notoriously poor sleeper has resulted in me really prioritising how my bedroom looks and feels. Everyone appreciates different things when it comes to how their bedroom is set up, and there are certain things that I’ve personally implemented into my little space that have really helped me feel like it’s a healthy and happy place to be in.

Here are the things that I’ve implemented into my bedroom to make it an enjoyable and comfortable space for me to be in.

1. Linen sheets

I’ve slept in all types of bedding before and can honestly say that linen is what I prefer and what I was sleeping in prior to joining the Bed Threads team. I don’t love when sheets feel too soft that they almost feel like they haven’t been washed in too long. I like how linen is crisp enough that it always feels clean, but soft enough that I’m very comfortable.

I also enjoy how linen looks relaxed and even when your bed isn’t perfectly made it still seems to look stylish. The temperature regulating function of linen is also extremely useful in Australia. 

2. Minimal but meaningful decor

As far as decor goes, I appreciate keeping things minimal. I don’t like having lots of things around as I find the cluttered look a bit too chaotic and mildly stressful to look at. Having just essential but beautiful items in my room is how I’ve approached the decor in this space. As far as furniture goes I have a white bookshelf, a timber bed frame which matches my timber bedside table, and a white set of drawers.

Decor wise I have two prints (one from Caroline Walls and one from Emma Currie), a lamp, and an In Essence diffuser. Having a diffuser which I put a soothing oil into and turn on every night is so great and makes me feel super calm. I also fill up my Ferm Living ripple carafe every night and put it on my bedside table so I don't have to walk to the kitchen in the middle of the night.

While I personally find that keeping things minimal but purposeful is important to help me feel happy in this space, others will want to be a bit more maximalist. Whichever you prefer, I think the key is to have things you really appreciate in your bedroom and not just have decor for decors sake. It needs to evoke some kind of happy feeling and/or be super practical.

3. A good mattress

Changing my mattress was a huge part of helping me sleep better. I had the prior mattress for way too long and it was too firm. I’m someone who likes sleeping on their side and stomach so having something soft enough but also something supportive was key. It’s really important to find a mattress that works with your preferred sleeping position. I ended up going with one of Eva’s mattresses and really enjoy it. 

4. A dialled down colour palette

Colour-wise, I again like to keep things pretty simple. I opted for Sage and White linen as they're soothing yet the light green still provides a bit of interest to the space. My diffuser is also a Sage colour and I love how that ties in with the linen. The only other colour comes from the books on the shelves, which I'm not prepared to part with, and the artworks which feature neutral tones. 

5. Warm lighting

I’ve been to Japan a few times and have always noticed how beautiful and warm all of their lighting is, particularly in traditional Ryokan houses. I think this is a big part of why they feel so zen to be in. Lanterns omit such a pleasant glow and give you this strange sense of safety. I have an Akari 1A table lamp on my nightstand and get regularly get asked where it's from. It casts the most beautiful light in my room and creates an almost cocooning effect in the space.

6. Add one plant friend

I think having just one bit of greenery in a bedroom can make such a difference. I only have a little propagated devil's ivy on my book shelf but I feel as though it just makes me feel better and enlivens the space.

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