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Extroverts Rejoice: These 7 Maximalist Decor Trends Were Made for You

We talk a lot about how your home is a reflection of your personality, and perhaps one of the biggest markers of your character is whether you're an introvert or an extrovert. We've already covered the cosy decor trends that best suit introverts, so now its time to shine the spotlight on the best home decor for extroverts.

Extroverts, in general, are sociable, outgoing and like to fill their calendars with parties and catch-ups. So, it makes sense for their homes to be loud and bright. Enter: Maximalism, a more-is-more design trend perfect for extroverts who want to fill their home with colour and vibrancy.

But how to achieve the look at home? And is there a tipping point when too much really becomes, well, too much? (Yes, there really is.) Follow these tips if you want to achieve a maximalist haven in your own personal space.

Paint is your friend

Like all styles of interior decorating, it’s astonishing what you can achieve with a lick of paint when it comes to maximalist design. You can jazz up any old piece of furniture, from a battered chest of drawers, bedside table or a desk, with a hit of bright, extra bold paint. Pick a colour that makes you smile, or go for an ombre style. You could also paint just the interior of a shelf or cupboard with glass doors, for an understated/overstated impact. The idea is for the colour to hit in small doses, creating maximalist impact in a minimalist space.

Go big with the prints

It really is the more the merrier when it comes to mixing and matching different prints and fabrics in a maximalist home. Don’t think that the sweet floral bedspread quite matches with the striped velvet cushion? Who cares. Throw them together and just see how well different prints work with each other. The only real tip is to keep the colours complementary. If you’re working from a specific colour palette – even a maximalist, oversized, loud one – then it doesn’t matter how clashing the prints are, they’ll magically blend in. Look to Vogue editor Hamish Bowles for maxi-print inspiration in the bedroom.

Let’s hang out

We must sound like a broken record, but more really is more when it comes to maximalist decor. Remember when we talked about salon hangs being the next big thing in interior design? Well, it’s time to get one in your home. In fact, get a few. Get all of the art that you have – big portraits, tiny prints – and hang them grouped together in every room. Make your home feel like a gallery and display all your treasured pieces in your bedroom, living space, kitchen and hall. If you don’t think you have enough art, leaf through your old magazines and tear out pictures that you love, or have a look through old boxes of keepsakes and find some postcards, love notes or photographs that you can frame. Then, group them all together and hang them in one lovely clump. We’re a huge fan of the clustered salon hang in Alexandra Tolstoy’s living room or this perfectly calibrated collection by Han Le.

Plastic fantastic

One way to achieve the maximalist trend at home is to incorporate some plastic furniture in your home. Plastic chairs make for a great dining or desk chair, and there’s nothing like a perspex coffee or bedside table. In fact, any bright and shiny surface, like plastic but also metal, will have the desired effect. When the light hits the furniture it will make your room sparkle like a jewellery box in the most tacky and delicious way.

Feel the rainbow

Let these curtains serve as a reminder that you can incorporate maximalism into any home, anywhere. Created from contrasting but complementary shades of fabric, this rainbow drape look is all creating a unique lightscape in the room. Each of the coloured curtains will filter light differently, and together the colour blocked drapes make for a real statement.


First, we noticed the chequered floors in Flex Mami’s wonderfully over the top space. Then we realised that Leandra Medine, founder of Man Repeller, was lusting after a similar check v this time in shades of burgundy, as opposed to Flex Mami’s bottle green – on her Instagram page. Are chequered floors the next big thing? Are they the best thing to line your maximalist kitchen with? We think the answer might be yes.

When all else fails, get a coloured couch

We looked at a lot of maximalist interiors accounts to write this article, and do you know what they all had in common? A brightly coloured sofa. Banish those grey, beige and neutral couches and get cosy on a rich and saturated number in jewel-toned velvet. The actual colour of the sofa itself is up to you: we saw couches in millennia pink, emerald green, mustard yellow and bright, cornflower blue. The point is that a zap of colour in couch form will anchor your living space and provide the base upon which you can build your maximalist design aesthetic. May the force be with you.

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