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9 Home Decor Items That Are Actually Worth Splurging on

It’s safe to say that we’re obsessed with anything that’s “affordable” or “budget-friendly”. Need to update your bedroom with items under $200? We’ve done that. Want to renovate your bathroom without actually renovating or spending more than $300? We’ve covered that, too. We’ve even interviewed TikTok stars who are building an entire house with no money. Yes, zero dollars.

In saying this, sometimes spending a little more money actually works out to be an investment so yes, you end up saving in the long run. Here, we’ve rounded up nine home decor items that are actually worth the splurge - we promise.

9 Home Decor Items Worth Splurging on

1. Quality bed sheets

You probably guessed this would be at the top of our list, but it’s true - investing in quality bed sheets like 100% flax linen, is probably one of the best investments you can make for your bedroom and your health.

But purchasing high-quality linen won’t set you back hundreds of dollars; our Threads are actually considerably affordable, too. Traditionally, linen bedding was reserved for the elites who could afford it, but here at Bed Threads, we’ve managed to find an ethical and environmentally friendly way to make it accessible for everyone because ultimately, we believe it’s silly to have to compromise on quality or price in the pursuit of catching those elusive zzz’s.

If you need more convincing as to why our linen is worth the price tag, here are seven of the biggest benefits of sleeping in 100% flax linen.

Shop our Bedding Sets here or create your very own colour combination using our fully customisable Build Your Own Bundle.

2. A statement ceramic vase

You only need to scroll through Instagram or flip through interior magazines to see ceramics are becoming increasingly popular. Placed on a buffet table or by the bed on a nightstand, they make for the ideal focal point to any shared living space or the perfect accompaniment to your sleep sanctuary. Plus, they’re more versatile than wall art as they only require a flat surface, are easily moveable and are able to create an impact while taking up relatively little space.

But scouring the internet for that perfect piece and you’ll soon come to realise that show-stopping ceramics can leave quite the heavy dent in your wallet (we’re talking upwards of $1000). If you’re able to spend that kind of money on a piece you really love then go, you! But if not, then that’s more than OK because there are still ceramic pieces you can purchase that don’t have completely unattainable price tags, yet are still incredibly beautiful. Our Iggy and Lou Lou collection is a perfect example of this, as is our Rachel Saunders and Marloe and Marloe collections. These pieces are handcrafted, timeless and will be with you forever.

Shop our Ceramics and Vases collection here.

3. A beautiful coffee table book

Be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars on a beautiful coffee book, but it’s all for good reason because they really don’t get the recognition they deserve. Statement coffee table books are as functional as they are aesthetically-pleasing, and are as inspirational as they are informative. Plus, they serve as a source of entertainment for you and every guest that enters your home that doesn’t involve a screen of any sort, and you can express your personality and interests through your choice in coffee books.

We love our bright Assouline Art Books, which are still under the $200 mark yet look and feel like they’re worth much more.

Shop our Art Book collection here.

4. Art... for your gallery wall

When done well, a gallery wall instantly elevates a space and injects a major dose of personality into an otherwise underwhelming room. The only problem is that single artworks can cost thousands of dollars, so curating an entire collection for one wall has the potential to be an extremely expensive investment.

To help you make this gallery wall a reality, we recommend sourcing a selection of affordable works that still look like they’re worth a million dollars. We’ve previously rounded up eight of the best emerging Australian artists whose work you can still pick up for less than $1000 here, but you can also find a large range of affordable artworks you’ll fall in love with on our Shop. In fact, you won't find any over $80.

We also have a complete guide to creating a gallery wall of your dreams on a budget here.

Shop our Art and Prints collection here.

5. A chic tablecloth

The key to making a lasting impression on every guest that steps through your doors for a meal starts with creating an outstanding tablescape - and you can’t create a tablescape without a tablecloth.

Our Tablecloths are made from the same 100% flax linen as our beloved bedding, and are available in a spectrum of rich and inviting hues.

Shop our Tableware collection here.

6. Luxurious towels

Worn out, stained (hello, fake tan) or damp towels can make your bathroom look and feel old, plus, they don’t make the best impression on guests. If your towels look like they could do with some replacing, search for lush styles like our ultra-plush 100% linen waffle bath towels, which will add a touch of luxury to the space.

Plus, there's nothing better than wrapping yourself up in a luxuriously warm and thick towel the second you step out of your shower.

Shop our Bath Towels here.

7. Special tableware

Every home needs a good set of dinnerware - you know, the set you reserve only for your guests? But if you really want to leave a lasting impression on them, you can't settle for plain white - the key is to invest in colourful yet chic dinnerware.

We can't get over the Bitossi Home range, which features bold colours and prints. The beauty of the Bitossi range is that you don't have to stick to matching sets - they look even better mixed and matched.

Shop our Bitossi Home range here.

8. A comfy throw

On the bed as an extra layer of warmth, draped over the living room couch as an accessory or wrapped around you like a cozy blanket, there’s no denying the fact that a throw is a home essential.

Our luxuriously thick linen Throws come in a range of our most popular hues that will feed warmth and energy into any setting to create a cosy, homely environment.

Shop our Throw range here.

9. A valance

There's a good chance you don't own a valance, but it might just be the bedroom decor item you never knew you needed.

If you already have our linen bed sheets, add a finishing touch by fitting a linen valance over the base of your bed. It keeps the bottom of your bed - and all the stuff you might be storing underneath it - hidden from view, while adding a touch of elegance to your sleep sanctuary.

Shop our Valance range here.

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