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These Office Styling Hacks Will Make Working From Home a Breeze

By now, you've probably settled into your working from home routine, but if you haven't had a chance to customise your office setup yet consider the following styling hacks that will boost productivity and inspire creativity. Whether you're fortunate enough to have a dedicated room for work or have made use of an existing space, there's heaps of opportunities to personalise your new workplace to make working from home a breeze.

A comfortable chair

Before you begin any office tweaks, your first priority should be setting yourself up with the most comfortable chair you can find. Your body will thank you for it later. Poor office ergonomics can have an effect on all parts of your body, from aches joint pains to unpleasant migraines. No, the sofa doesn't count as a desk chair!

Place your desk under a window

Natural light is vital to us all to keep us healthy and happy, and since you might be indoors more than you're used to, orientate your desk to face a window to maintain some connection to the outside world while you work. Plus, the view is bound to be infinitely more inspiring than staring at a blank wall.

Keep your cords tidy

We're going to get a bit Marie Kondo on you for a second, but it'll ensure you're not stepping over chargers and hard drives and making your apartment look more like a call centre. We suggest unplugging all cords at the end of the day and neatly tucking them into a box out of sight to signal that the work day is over and that your home can return to its usual function. Tip: velcro straps work really well to keep things untangled.

Introduce something living

A cactus, your pet dog—anything that lives and breathes will help your workspace feel more positive and comfortable. It'll give you an excuse to take small breaks throughout the day too, to give your desk plant a water or fill up your dog's bowl. It's okay if your home office is a bit more relaxed than your usual office because it's your home after all.

Create a nook

A wide, open space is great, but tucking yourself in a corner or between a pair of shelves can help you to recognise the space as a place for work as opposed to just your spare room. Keep all of your necessary items close by so that you don't have to wander from your nook unless taking a break. Using your bed or the living room for work might seem comfortable, but it's best to set up a dedicated work zone so that you don't associate your sofa with your work inbox.

Personalised colours

There are no set rules when it comes to colour in the office, because what one person finds stimulating might make your stomach turn. Follow your natural style and what you lean towards, whether that's muted neutral tones or bold complementary colours. Introduce the palette with artworks, personal photo frames and your desk stationery.

For more WFH tips, try these hacks that are guaranteed to make you more productive.

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