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Landlord-Approved Tips to Detox Your Apartment for the New Year

The idea of detoxing our bodies is something that we're all familiar with at this stage. Fueling your body with whole foods and proper nutrients is the best way to reduce the risk of illness and promote a healthy lifestyle. How many of us apply this same logic to our homes, though? Because you might not be able to physically see, smell or taste harmful toxins at home it can be easy to assume they're not there. From household and personal products to carpet and air conditioning, your home has the potential to carry a myriad of toxins that have the ability to jeopardise your health. Now's the best time to give your apartment a detox so that you can start 2020 feeling fresh and re-energised without a worry.

Ventilate fresh air

The best possible way to ventilate your apartment is to open up your windows and doors to allow the breeze to flow in. A good tip is to clean your air ducts and vents regularly to make sure any circulated air isn't carrying with it dust or built-up debris. If you want to go one step further, an air purifier will help to remove allergens and dust in the air.

Choose green cleaning products

Now is the time to take a look through your cleaning cupboard and replace the products you use to clean your apartment with eco-friendly alternatives. You won't have trouble finding greener solutions as there is a multitude of sustainable brands available now. Alternatively, mix your own formulas using basic ingredients like vinegar and baking soda.

Use chemical-free skincare

There has been so much research recently to do with skincare products and specifically the ingredients that they're made from. A simple search should return a list of chemicals to keep an eye out for (and avoid) on the labels of bottles. With so many great cosmetic and beauty brands out there now there's no excuse for subjecting your skin to harmful ingredients.

Keep on top of dust

By tending often to dusty surfaces that accumulate around your apartment you'll reduce the build-up of particles and allergens. Use a vacuum or wet mop to clean surfaces regularly, especially any carpeted areas or rooms. You'll feel better, promise.

Avoid plastic where possible

Like chemicals in skincare, there has been extensive research undertaken into the storage or food and products in plastic containers. There's evidence that when scratched or heated, plastic can begin to break down and leave harmful chemicals behind. That all sounds terrifying, so the next step is to invest in steel or glass containers that you will never need to replace.

Plant a tree

My personal favourite way to improve the air quality at home and help to create a healthy paradise at home is to incorporate an indoor plant (or ten) into your apartment. Visually, they'll help you to feel more relaxed and connected to the outdoors, but they'll also do work behind the scenes to purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

Continue to kick goals in 2020 with these landlord-approved tips for becoming a sustainable renter.

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