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How to Get the Best Skin of Your Life (Yes, Even in Winter)

Healthy skin in winter? Entirely achievable. We're here to help you maintain radiant skin even when the temperature declines and the chilly winds set in.

Winter is an ideal time to focus on your skincare routine since you'll no doubt be trading late nights out for Netflix under the doona at home. We've put together a list of easy tips to keep your skin looking beautiful during the cold season.

Increase Your Water Intake

Do you find yourself reaching for a hot chocolate or tea to warm you up at night? We're guilty of this ourselves, however, it's super important to keep up your water intake over the cooler months to replace the water your body loses during the day. Keeping a drink bottle at your desk helps, and add in your favourite fruit to make things more interesting.

Use a Humidifier

One of the nicest parts about coming home at the end of the day is being able to crank up the air conditioner or heater, right? We're not here to tell you to stop, but all that artificial heat does come at a price - dry air (and dry skin). Humidifiers are able to put precious moisture back into the air and help you retain hydrated skin.

Skip the Hot Shower

I know, I know, hot showers are sometimes the only thing that can make us feel human again on a frosty morning. You've probably noticed as soon as you turn off the tap that your skin instantly feels parched and possibly a bit irritated. Excessively hot showers can cause any skin conditions like eczema and redness to flare up as well. To be safe, lukewarm water is recommended for ten to fifteen minutes.

Have Moisturiser Ready

As soon as you're out of the shower, reach for your moisturiser while you're still damp. This is the ideal time to lock in your skin's much-needed moisture, so make sure you've got a natural, fragrance-free body cream at the ready.

(Gently) Exfoliate

Once or twice a week, apply an exfoliating body wash to help buff away flaky, dead skin cells that prevent your skin from absorbing moisture. Proceed gently, as your skin is more delicate in winter and you don't want to cause any further irritation. The skin on your face will also benefit from an exfoliation mask, and you'll find that your face creams and oils will absorb in much easier; leaving you looking fresh and glowy.

Don't Forget Your Lips

Your lips don't have the same oil glands that literally every other part of your body does (that's why you don't sweat there). Because they lack any protective natural oils, your lips are susceptible to cracking and general dryness. You can start to repair them by using a lip scrub and a soft toothbrush to softly remove excess flakes, followed by a nourishing lip balm. Apply it overnight to see the best results.

Apply Sunscreen

It can be easy to forget about long, sunny days by the beach when the weather turns bitter. That's not to say that the sun isn't still here, though. Being sun safe is a year-round commitment that you'll thank yourself for later. Even incidental exposure to the sun on your daily commute is enough to get the ball rolling on fine lines and sagging. Make sure to include SPF into your morning routine to avoid being caught out.

Work While You Sleep

Use your eight hours (lucky you) of sleep each night to let your skin rejuvenate. This is the ideal time to lather on your face oils and serums and let them soak in while you dream. Wake up with better looking, healthy skin. Simple.

Treat Yourself

You've survived a couple of months of crisp mornings and chilly nights, so surely you deserve some pampering. Having a beauty expert tend to your brittle skin by way of a facial or body massage is a sure-fire way to put some pep in your winter step. Afterwards, bask in the compliments that are bound to roll in.

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