How to Style Your Bedroom, According to Your Star Sign

Your bedroom should look (and feel) like your very own personal sanctuarysomewhere to relax after a long day at work. It's even more important that your bedroom is conducive to getting a peaceful night's sleep so that you're performing at your best at all times.

How you arrange your bedroom and the items you choose to keep on your bedside table and dresser can make all the difference to your overall mood and sleep habits. We've taken hints from each of the zodiac's star signs to come up with the best bedroom styling tips to suit your personality.

Here's How to Style Your Bedroom, According to Your Star Sign


Full of passion and an intense inner drive, it makes sense for the bedroom of an Aries to radiate warmth. Think deep reds, eye-catching metals and a bold statement piece here and there. This fire sign should opt for rich hues like our very own Rust linen sheets.


Born when the colours outside are naturally evolving into autumnal tones, Taureans have an innate connection to nature. Bringing that natural connection into the bedroom with an oil diffuser and an earthy scent to set the scene, then introduce organic textures like woven baskets and linen throws for a cosy space you'll want to cuddle up in.


Curious and quirky, a Gemini requires an airy space at home to complement their breezy personality. Treading the line of minimalist and maximalist, it's important for a Gemini's bedroom to be clutter-free while also displaying items that are special. Stack some of your favourite books with a simple vase and flower arrangement on your dresser or bedside table, while sheer curtains over the window will give the room an ethereal feeling.


Cancerians value comfort over everything and their homes need to be the ultimate destination to unwind. Bring in a personal connection to the bedroom with framed photographs of family and friends to look at when you're feeling sentimental. Wrap your bed in the softest 100% pure French flax linen and you'll never want to leave.


Lively by nature, playful Leos are drawn to bold, dramatic colours and textures. This star sign can handle a strong pattern, so why not experiment with dazzling wallpapers and plush velvet cushions to unleash the regal fire sign inside. A large mirror above the bed will bounce light around and let those gorgeous textures shine.


A Virgo's home is meticulously tidy, with everything in its rightful place. Being an Earth sign, a Virgo's bedroom should include a selection of leafy friends for a sense of peace. To keep them orderly, add a few floating shelves to one of the walls in your bedroom and group them in clusters, along with your favourite jewellery, magazines and artworks.


The bedroom of a Libran should always feel balanced, achieving the right mix of glamour and rustic. Opt for a vintage armchair to give a sense of history, and combine it with a contemporary chandelier to give you an eclectic space to rest your head.


While some might describe the personality of a Scorpio to be somewhat intense, their bedroom is an important place to enjoy some much-needed alone time with their thoughts. Scorpios are drawn to darker hues and striking one-off pieces, like our Rachel Saunders Woman Vase in Matisse Blue which can be filled with rich burgundy anthuriums for a brooding aesthetic.


Creative, energetic and constantly inspired by the world around them, Sagittarians interior style could be described as "boho glam"—featuring a collection of special pieces picked up over time mixed with sleek lines and neutral tones. Group sculptures, ceramics, and other keepsakes together to create small styling vignettes that tell the story of your travels.


By the book and mature beyond their years, Capricorns have a knack for classic interior design (if it's not broke, don't fix it). Incorporate a sense of order and tradition with matching bedside lamps, a symmetrical gallery wall and, of course, a potted orchid.


An Aquarian requires space to create, so the first bedroom styling tip is to remove any unnecessary clutter. Current trends don't really appeal to this sign, preferring instead to include handmade original ceramics and abstract art in their styling decisions. Replace heavy blinds with soft curtains to let natural light and air to fill the bedroom.


If there's one sign that values their bedroom the most, it's Pisces. Sensitive at heart, coming home to an inspiring sanctuary will help to wash away any feelings of stress away instantly. Pisceans will feel envigorated by being surrounded by lush plants and soft scents from candles and air diffusers. Organic woods and natural textures are key to bring this dreamy water sign back to reality.

Looking for more zodiac-inspired decorating? This is where you should live according to your star sign.

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