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How Updating Your Front Door Can Add an Extra $11,000 to Your Home’s Value

We’ve previously discussed how you can increase your home’s value by almost $7,000 simply by painting your bathroom sky blue. But if you’re looking for more ways on increasing the market value of your home to attract homebuyers for now or later down the track, it could be as simple as replacing your front door.

Brought to our attention by Domino, statistics from Realm, a centralised data hub for homeowners to access insights on every aspect of homeownership based on their personalised circumstances, show that replacing your front door can add a whopping $8,165 USD ($11,034 AUD) to your home’s value. This converts to an impressive 484.55 per cent ROI (return on investment).

Since the front door is the very first thing visitors and onlookers notice, it’s a no-brainer that updating it is an easy way to add street appeal and provide a glimpse into the style of your home’s interiors. And there are a myriad of ways to do this — for more budget-friendly options, you could simply give your front door a fresh lick of paint or change the hardware, or if money isn’t an issue, replace it completely.

Aside from aesthetics, you also want to consider its function — is it safe? And will it keep your home warm during the cooler months and cool during the warmer months?

Here, we sought the help of Bed Threads stylist Jackie Brown to share important questions you should ask yourself when choosing the perfect new front door that will increase your home’s market value to its fullest potential.

4 Tips for Updating Your Front Door

1. What era is your home?

"Do some research and find out what kind of door will fit your home's style, as well as work practically for your house," Brown says. "Consider the era in which your home was built, plus the decade in which any subsequent renovations were made, and select the style of door accordingly."

2. What material do you like?

Most front doors are made from timber, fibreglass, steel or glass — or a combination of all four — so take into account what style you prefer.

"Timber is a classic and is resistant to dents, whereas steel can look quite contemporary, is stronger and won’t bend or warp. Glass gives a modern look and there are plenty of security glass doors on the market that also offer the comfort of knowing you and your family are safe from intruders."

3. What material does your home need?

Choosing a material based on aesthetics is one thing, but what about its function?

"For example, if you live on a busy road, a solid panel door is going to be the best option to help reduce noise," Brown explains. "If you don’t have a verandah to shelter the door from the elements, it may be wise to invest in a steel or fibreglass door. Steel and fibreglass front doors also can offer better insulation than timber doors."

Also think about lighting — is the entrance to your home dark? If so, "selecting a door with glass panels may help to increase the abundance of natural light in your foyer or hallway."

4. Is painting an option?

As mentioned above, a budget-friendly way to update your current door is simply with a fresh coat of paint. Plus, it also gives you more flexibility with colour choice.

"There is an opportunity here to be really playful. Why not experiment with an unexpected pop of colour? A pink door on a black facade, or a bright yellow door against a stark white and traditional exterior would look great. Be bold, and use paint as a way to express your personality!" It's definitely one way to stand out to potential homebuyers.

Looking to renovate your home? Here are 12 of the most common mistakes you should avoid.

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