9 Incredible Films to Watch That Pass the Bechdel Test

When it comes to getting inspired and putting ourselves in a good mood, one of the easiest things we can do is to sit down, relax, and watch a film. And for us, nothing is quite as liberating as watching strong women on screen push the boundaries and be successful, be it in her career or in building personal confidence. Thankfully, there are more than a few brilliant movies that tick this genre box.

From the magical fictional story Encanto to the stirring biographical drama Hidden Figures, these inspiring films tell the stories of incredible women who defy the odds. 

9 Incredible Films About Inspiring Women

1. Hidden Figures

This stirring biographical drama is an absolutely must watch for everyone. It tracks the story of the African-American mathematicians who worked behind the scenes as U.S. and Russia race to put the first man in space. The team of women join forces to solve vital mathematical equations for NASA, and highlight the strength of women and what they can achieve even when faced with racism and sexism.

Where can I watch it? Disney+  

2. Frida

This biopic tells the extraordinary life story of surrealist Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Kahlo is celebrated as an icon who broke social convention and painted images of the female experience. This film chronicles her life from the crippling bus accident that goes on to inspire her artistic career to her turbulent relationship with Diego Rivera. It also touches on her affairs with communist leader Leon Trotsky, her bisexuality, love of tequila, and her travels.

Where can I watch it? Amazon Prime

3. Bend it Like Beckham

Written and directed by Gurinder Chadha, this romantic comedy-drama humorously depicts an Indian family in London who try to raise their soccer-loving daughter in a traditional way. The moral of the film centres around how it's okay to pursue a path that may not be considered normal by your family or culture, and the hurdles protagonist Jess faces in doing so. 

Where can I watch it? Disney+

4. Mulan

No matter what age you are Mulan is a great film to sit down to. Whether it's the Disney cartoon version or the 2020 live-action film, this iconic feminist film to is all about embracing your identity, defying society's expectations, and presenting your authentic self to the world. 

Where can I watch it? Disney+

5. Suffragette

This compelling drama explores the foot soldiers of the early feminist movement who risked everything they had to fight for women's right to vote in public elections in the United Kingdom. The strong female cast for this film includes the likes of Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter, and Meryl Streep, who portray women who have dared to be brave and worked for change.

Where can I watch it? Netflix

6. Little Women

Little Women argues that women's lives are worthy of examination. And while to the majority of us this is a given, it was a rather groundbreaking concept for the 19th century. This adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's treasured novel follows the lives of the four March sisters—Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, detailing their passage from childhood to womanhood. It's both heartbreaking and life affirming all at once.

Where can I watch it? Amazon Prime

7. Encanto

If you haven't yet watched this sweet Disney film, we highly recommend adding it to your list. Set in the mountains of Columbia, it tells the story of 15-year-old Mirabel who is the only one in her enchanted village who isn't granted extraordinary powers. The film glows with more positive, diverse female representations than any Disney movie currently offers and revolves around a teenage girl who struggles to find her place in her family and village. 

Where can I watch it? Disney+

8. RBG

This documentary film centres on the extraordinary life of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the former associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Ginsburg became the court's second female justice as well as the first Jewish female justice. Her story is inspirational in that it epitomises how one person can make a huge difference, to myriad people.

Where can I watch it? Amazon Prime

9. Lady Bird

This coming-of-age film beautifully explores the complex relationships teenagers have with their parents and hometowns. While the storyline is somewhat simple, it revolves around the idea of appreciating where we come from and makes you think of family, home, love, being young and being old, all while focusing on self-determination and female bonds.

Where can I watch it? Amazon Prime

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