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The 11 Aesthetic Movies You Need To Watch For Decorating Inspiration

One way that the creators of some of our favourite films reel us in so that we feel like we're right there with the characters is by employing the best set designers and decorators to create elaborate interior spaces that perfectly complement the time period and subject of the film, while simultaneously making us feel at home. They're able to do this with lighting, textures, and of course, beautiful cinematography that solidifies the film in our minds so that we automatically produce an aesthetic in our minds every time it's mentioned. We've documented the movies that have done it best, and that definitely deserve a re-watch this week for supreme interior inspiration.

The Ghostwriter

When Ewan McGregor's character agrees to complete the memoir of the Prime Minister of England (Pierce Brosnan), he begins to uncover some pretty dark secrets that will test his ethics. We're more interested in the contemporary and minimalist mansion that he's put up in, with floor-to-ceiling windows, warm timber and a dreamy and mysterious outlook.

Call Me By Your Name

Set in a 17th Century villa in Lombardy, Italy, the breakout hit of 2017 is nothing but visual beauty from start to finish. Besides Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer's budding romance, you're treated to eclectic rooms filled with books and an open fire to solidify the dream of moving to the Italian countryside.

The Talented Mr. Ripley

This 1999 adaption of a psychological thriller stars all of our nostalgic faves, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett, Matt Damon and Jude Law. Besides being a classic movie overall, the film provides us with endless style inspiration from outfits to interior decorating.

Midnight in Paris

Paris is always a good idea—but when Gil, played by Owen Wilson, starts to question his relationship with his materialistic fiancée he enters a fantasy world in his mind that forces him to travel back in time at the stroke of midnight each night where he comes into contact with some of the city's most historic figures. The French interiors and sepia aesthetics are also just as dreamy.

The Great Gatsby

When Nick Carraway (Tobey Macguire) moves to the big city of New York in search of the American Dream, he finds himself caught up in the exciting world of wealth and glamour. The classic film is all glitz and might even inspire you to take a 1920s art deco approach to your place.

A Single Man

Colin Firth and Julianne Moore's bond in this movie is undeniably powerful. Set in the 1960s after George (played by Colin) is struggling to come to terms with the loss of his long-time partner, the visuals of this movie will stay with you for a while after watching. If mid-century is your thing then this film needs to be on your watch list.

Under The Tuscan Sun

After Diane Lane's character Frances finds out that her husband is cheating, her best friend (Sandra Oh) convinces her to take a trip to Italy to forget all about it. On a whim, Frances purchases a rural Tuscan villa and sets about beginning her new life. If sunburnt patios and every shade of ochre is appealing to you, you'll fall in love with this aesthetic film from 2004.

Eat Pray Love

With a similar storyline of divorce and reinventing yourself abroad, Julia Roberts plays Elizabeth Gilbert in this biographical romance story where she discovers the delight of eating in Italy, the power of praying in India and falling in true love in Indonesia. Expect a varied journey of worldly interiors to gain inspiration from.


If you've never seen Ex-Machina, the interiors and futuristic aesthetics are enough to warrant adding it to your queue. When a young programmer wins an opportunity to spend the week at his CEO's isolated, luxurious home, he's put in charge of deciphering whether a female humanoid robot named Ava is capable of consciousness. Sleek lines, geometric architecture and a whole lot of metal feature throughout.

Bridget Jones's Diary

We couldn't leave Bridget Jones off the list of memorable film interiors. She's totally relatable and completely imperfect, and that's why the film has become a cult classic. Surprisingly, we love the way she decorated her flat, and her flair for pattern and vintage furniture.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

One of Wes Andersons masterpieces, The Grand Budapest Hotel is an exploration of tragedy, friendship and nostalgia. Through a combination of muted mid-century tones and candy-coloured hues, the film is recognisable from just a single image. For those bold enough, there's a lot to learn from the aesthetically-pleasing 2014 hit.

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